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Can a 17 year old get a credit card in the UK?


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At 17, you don't want to get involved with credit cards.. Wait until you are older :)

No one in their right mind will give you a credit card if you are a 17 year old. It is against the law for a minor to enter into a legal contract or agreement, such as a credit card agreement.that is true you have to be atleast 21 and you have to have some kind of job

At 17 you can have a credit card, although since they are still under 18 they are unable to legally hold the card on their own; they would need to be either cosigner or an authorized user on an adult's (i.e. 18 yrs or older) credit card.

can i get a credit card im 17years old married and have a job and a kid

Some of the credit card issuers will allow a person of 15 years of age to obtain a credit card with a parent or guardian written consent. Check out the card issuer for additional information.

Not without a co-signer. You must be 18 to contract and few, if any, credit card companies would be willing to take the risk.

No he is not responsible for the debt as a 17 year old cannot enter into a legally binding contract. However, he would be responsible for the fraud.

you cant get a credit card until you are 18. however most banks offer a bank card which can be upgraded once you turn 18. you cant get a credit card until you are 18. however most banks offer a bank card which can be upgraded once you turn 18.

Yea, but only with a really low credit limit. Its actually a good idea to get one if you plan on paying it off each month. They are great for building credit.

In the year that the child turns 17 NO CHILD TAX CREDIT for that year. UNDER the age of 17 AT the end of the year.

No, Usually credit is extended to an individual 18 years or older.

No... The card is in effect a form of credit... legally your son cannot use the card until he's 18 ! If you use YOUR information to get a card for HIM to use - you are committing FRAUD !

Yes. Anyone with a checking or savings account can get an ATM card.

Yes as a 17 year old you may get a loan from your local bank. The chance they will approve the loan however depends on your credit score.

In most places a 17-year-old can't have a credit rating, since they are not old enough to contract in order to create one.

A 17 year old is 17 years old.

From what I understand any credit activities on a minor's name is illegal. You must be 18 to establish credit.

If this debt is from a loan or credit card they obtained while under age 18 the lending institution is at fault for granting the credit. If the debt is owed by a parent then you still owe it.

can a 17 year old move out on their own can a 17 year old move out on their own

Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: * Yes, if the minor has been legally emancipated therefore allowing him or her to enter into financial contracts. * No, if the credit was obtained by fraudulent means, if that were the case, the minor would have a more serious problem to deal with than a bad credit score.

the only document a 17 old can sign is a card to open a bank account for him/her self, otherwise no,a 17 year old is still considered a child in the eyes of the law, so no legal documents can be signed.

Actually, a 19-year-old can with be 17-year old legally.

With Parental consent, I believe so. However "emacipated" is not the term you are looking for, it only gives you the ability to sign into contracts, car payments, credit card, etc.

not in the state of Texas because you have to be 18 to legally sign into a contract

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