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The answer: No. Insurance is not cheap to any young driver. Not being on a parents policy can be more expensive as well.

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Do a 30 year old living with their parents have to be attached to their automobile insurance policy?

If the want to drive their parents care legally - yes !

What are some cheap car insurance places for a 18 year old unlicensed driver?

You cannot get car insurance if you do not have a license because you cannot legally drive.

Will a 2004 Honda jazz 1.2 have cheap insurance for a 17 year old male?

We live in hope, but I doubt that there is any such thing as cheap insurance for a 17 year old male

Can a 16 year old with a learner's permit drive without insurance?

Yes but when you get your operator`s license you would be charged with insurance and you can not drive without insurance

Are there any companies who offer cheap insurance for 17 year olds?

Cheap car insurance for 17 year old drivers do not realistically exist. In fact, they are higher than other forms of car insurance, as 17 year old drivers typically lack the necessary maturity level.

Where can I find cheap 30 year term life insurance online?

One of the best rated websites online and cheapest, please go to You will be able to find cheap 30 year life term insurance.

How to get a cheap insurance for 24 year old female?

There are many ways to look for cheap insurance for a 24 year old female. The Internet is your best friend. Just do a search. There you can apply online for quotes and compare different pricing.

What states have the cheapest auto insurance?

Maine is the cheapest state. Auto insurance is around 900 dollars a year. Other cheap states are New Hampshire, Ohio and North Carolina. Idaho and Vermont also have cheap insurance.

How much should you expect to pay for scooter insurance?

Scooter insurance typically is extremely cheap compared to regular car insurance. Where you may pay around 1200 dollars for car insurance a year you will only have to pay 200 dollars for scooter insurance a year.

What are the advantages of Pay As You Drive Insurance?

Advantages of Pay As You Drive insurance include not having to pay for the full year of insurance up front. One only pays for the months one drives a vehicle.

Where can one purchase cheap breakdown insurance?

Breakdown insurance, or road-side assist is a must for all drivers. In the UK, cheap insurance can be purchased from GreenFlag. The prices start from å£27 for the car per year and å£38 for the person.

Where can one acquire cheap car insurance for 17 year olds?

Cheap car insurance can be found at some of the insurance companies that specialise in insuring learner drivers. One of these is Cornhill who will insure someone for 4 weeks for less than å£100.

What is a cheap car with very cheap insurance for a 17 year old girl?

No not really i want to know what CAR is cheap to insure not the insurance company. Kwik Fit Car Insurance Named Cheapest Insurer, if this helps... Swinton and Endsleigh specialise in younger drivers. I dont want to know insurance companys. I already know loads of insurance companies. I want to know what CAR is cheap to buy and insure!!!!!!!!!

How can a 16-year-old get auto insurance if not through their parents or older siblings?

They can't. Minors cannot enter into contracts, insurance or otherwise.

Where could a 17 year old purchase cheap car insurance?

There are many places a 17-year old could purchase inexpensive car insurance. One should try getting quotes from Travelers, US Auto Insurance, and 21st Insurance.

Are parents liable for a 21-year-old who lives at home if he allows his insurance to lapse?


Can an 18 year old go to the doctor without telling their parents while on their insurance?

yes, but they can find out through their insurance

If a 17-year-old has his own insurance in North Carolina will his parents' insurance premiums go up?

That depends on weather or not your 17 year old has their insurance on the parents policy. It will go up if the child is on the parents policy, but if the child has their own policy, it won't. But it will be cheaper if the child is added on to the parents policy. My husband is a North Carolina State Trooper so I know alot about insurance. Also, call around and go online for the cheapest rates.

Can a 16 year old driver get his own auto insurance policy or must he be on his parents policy if he lives in the home with them?

A 16-year-old is not legally able to contract with the insurance company unless he has been emancipated. Which leaves him to work with his parents or another adult to acquire the insurance.

Can a 25 year old person be on their parents' auto insurance?

Sure, if your parents will want you attached to their policy, and if you are living with them.

Can an 18 year old get insurance on his or her car without having to have a parent on the insurance too and without having to be on their parents car?


How does a 16 year old girl get auto insurance when her parent has a suspended licence?

Your parents status should have no effect on your ability to get insurance.

What are scooter motorcycle insurance rates for an 18 year old man for 2009 Yamaha Zuma?

approximately 120 a year its very cheap.

Where can you find information on how to get cheap house insurance?

Cheap house insurance? First of all there is no real cheap house insurance under 300 dollars a month, If you do find one for under 300 dollars, make sure it is a real thing and not on discount time where after a few months to a year it will go higher, And make sure with the better Business bureau that they are not a scam.

Where can i get a cheap 10 year term insurance on my helecopter?

Term insurance refers to life insurance. ( for people not objects) If you are looking for comprehensive ,collision, or liability coverage for your helicopter, check with your auto insurance agent to see if such a coverage exists.