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Scooter insurance typically is extremely cheap compared to regular car insurance. Where you may pay around 1200 dollars for car insurance a year you will only have to pay 200 dollars for scooter insurance a year.

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To find out how much scooter insurance for good driving students is, you should first go to your local car insurance dealer and find out what rates they are able to give you.

No, scooter insurance in quite a bit different than motorcycle insurance, and it is normally much cheaper too. This is because scooters do not have as much horsepower as a motorcycle and they are normally not driven on expressways.

This differs by the level of insurance you want to have cover. Generally, it is about $500.

for scooter 124 or 125cc? It will vary... I have a 125cc and it was about 140/yr Register today for great scooter resources such as downloadable owners and repair manuals, tips, and tutorials! You can get a quote from this site, It has really good insurance and its cheap. See the Related links below for Scooter Insurance

The amount you should expect to pay for house contents insurance will vary depending on the value of the items you desire to be covered by that insurance. Luckily, there are numerous "calculators" available on the web that you can use to make a list of your covered items and get an estimated amount of what you can expect to pay in insurance for those items.

my mum boyfiend is buying me a new scooter for my birthday which is in September i don't no how much the insurance will cost me.

If you were the victim of a hit and run then your insurance rates shouldn't change. If you were doing the hit and run then you should expect to get cancelled.

Medicare insurance helps you afford for you mobility scooter. The cost of which depends on the style and the capacity of the scooter that you choose. There are very good brands that make these kind of scooters. They cost from $300 to $500 and you insurance could cover up to 80% of the cost.

The cost of motorcycle insurance depends on the driving history of the person taking it out. New drivers can expect to pay $2,800 a year and experienced drivers can expect to pay $2,000 a year.

How much you spend on insurance for your Yamaha Motorbike all depends on what kind of insurance you get, who the insurance provider is, the type and age of the motocycle, your age, your experience, the type of licence you hold and your years of no claims discounts. Motorcycle insurance generally costs less than auto-insurance.

It depends upon the insurance agency that you currently have. Some insurance agencies do not make their user pay extra for motorbikes and the insurance will stay the same. I would ask at your insurance agency to find out their policy on motorbikes.

There is no one price for insurance quote. The actual quote will be based on an individual's situation like age, driving record if there is a garage or car alarm.

A brain biopsy costs a lot of money to have done. If you do not have health insurance, you should expect to pay from $50,000 to $150,000 or more.

how much does an mgp team edition scooter weight

Van insurance costs vary depending on a large variety of factors. These factors include the amount of coverage, the driving record of the drivers, and how many miles are driven per year.

You can expect to pay about $850 for phlebotomy training

In terms of your insurance rates? Yes. Very much so. Expect your insurance rate to be much higher than someone in the same situation but with no points.

You should expect thousands of people hating you, because you're a math teacher, but unless you dont give out that much homework...

The cost for your companies health insurance will depend on many factors,including the number of employees and there ages.

You should expect to pay a percentage of your debt. The amound depends on who and how much you owe. Also your capability to repay the debt is a factor.

There are quite a few factors that will determine how much insurance costs, I would call a local agent for a quote. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

Buying rental car insurance from a rental car company with vary from company to company, expect about $15-$25/day.

To have an idea of how much insurance you should pay visit

At a place that sells insurance. Photography insurance is pretty much normal insurance. You should be able to purchase photography insurance where you normally buy your insurance.