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Q: Can a 1970 Chevy C10 straight 6 250 engine be replaced with a 350 without replacing the 3-speed manual transmission?
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Can a ring gear be replaced without replacing the pinion gear?


Should you change transmission fluid in 2003 Toyota Echo?

In any automatic transmission the fluid should be changed at the interval specified by the manufacturer. You should have the transmission oil filter replaced also at this time. Many shops will just suck out the old fluid and replace it with new without replacing the oil filter.

How can you tell if your transmission fluid is clog?

There is really no way to tell. Take the car to a shop and have them replace the transmission oil filter and fluid. Make sure to tell them you want the filter replaced because some places just suck out the oil and replace it without replacing the filter.

Can a dodge 2500 with a v 10 transmission be replaced with newer model?

Not without modifications

I've got a dripping tap in the kitchen I've replaced the washer but the tap still drips what else can you do without replacing the tap?

Try replacing the washer seat.

What way did the introduction of interchangeable parts change labor productivity?

Parts could be replaced on a machine without replacing the entire machine.

Is the number 2 speed sensor solenoid on the 92 Camry transmission necessary when replacing the transmission with a 94 Camry transmission without one?

yes, the 94 has 2 shifting solenoids, if you know that they have been removed from the replacement transmission you will need them.

Can the headlight lens be replaced on a Volvo S70 without replacing the whole assembly?

Yes they can. The lens are clipped on and have a gasket between the lens and the reflector.

Can the starter solenoid by replaced without replacing the starter?

sometimes, but contact your local auto parts store to see if it is even sold seperately

How do you replace starter solenoid on Honda Element?

The starter solenoid on a Honda Element is integral to the starter. It cannot be replaced without replacing the starter as well.

How do you replace the transmission filter on a 95 Ford Contour?

Remove the trans pan and then the filter. If the pan is on the front of the transmission, it cannot be replaced without rebuilding the transmission; because the bearings must be removed in order to get to the filter. Ford Contour transmissions do not have removeable filters. There is a metal screen which generally never needs to be replaced.

Can the flywheel be removed and replaced without removing engine or transmission i'n 1978 Chevy 350 motor?

NO. You will have to remove all the transmission bolts and slide the transmission back enough to get a wrench and your hand between the engine and transmission to remove the fly-wheel bolts.

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