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No. The 16 year old is a minor while the 20 year old is an adult. The adult can be charged with rape of a minor.

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If you're in the US, no. Getting someone pregnant does not give you any "adulthood" rights.

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As in living like boyfriend and girlfriend and having sex, no. A minor need parental consent to move anywhere and in this case the CPS can take the minor if the parents allow her to do this due to her age.

Yes. An 18 year old CAN move in with a nineteen year old. If it was your girlfriend or boyfriend. NO husband or wife.

Minors can only move with their parents consent.

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First, get emancipation. File at the local court house. Just be aware that if your 'plan' upon being emancipated is to move with your adult girlfriend and/or depend on her for even partial support, you can expect the petition to be denied. The purpose of emancipation is not to allow a minor to move with an adult girlfriend/boyfriend.

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The parents can give them consent to move out. Without it they will have to be an adult.

With parental permission she can move out. Pregnancy does not relieve one of the burden of being a minor.

In most states you have to be 18 to move out without parental permission.

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I would say no as she is over the age of consent which is 16.

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