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You can, but be advised that whatever you plug into the new outlet should not exceed 5000W capacity (20A x 250V = 5000W)or you could risk overheating the new outlet with serious results. To prevent this, you should make sure the circuit breaker is a 20A also.

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Q: Can a 30A 240V outlet be replaced by a 20A 240V one?
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Can a 240V 30A outlet be converted to 240V 15A?

An existing outlet can be converted by replacing the 30A circuit breakers or fuses in the circuit breaker or fuse box with 15A breakers or fuses. The 30A outlet should also be replaced by a 15A outlet. This is all that is required if the wire from the supply to the outlet is 10, 12, or 14 guage. The existing wire should be 10 guage wire to handle the 30A and there will be no problem in the same wire providing the 15A.

How do you upgrade from 120V 15A to 120V 20A or from 240V 20A to 240V 30A?

You have to replace the wire (as you are increasing the current capacity), the outlet, and the breaker. Essentially you have to remove the old circuit and put in a new one. You can't reuse parts of the old circuit as you are increasing the current capacity and they would be underrated.

Would a 30A 240V circuit breaker be too large to safely support a either a 20A or 23A 240V bandsaw?

Yes it will operate it fine.

What is 2 pole 20 a circuit breaker used for?

A two pole 20A circuit breaker can be used for any 240V load that requires 20A, with supply conductors no smaller than 12AWG. Since a clothes dryer typically requires 30A, and a range 40A to 50A, a 20A 240V circuit could probably be a window air conditioner, pool pump, or some other 20A 240V load.

Will a 20A 240V breaker be sufficient for a 240V 22A input welder or do you need to go to a 30A?

It would have to be a 30 amp breaker to use the full power of the welder. I'd say go with the 30A. The general rule is that your planned load should only be 80% of the circuit capacity. That means a 30A circuit should have a maximum load of of (30*0.8) = 24A. With the 30 amp breaker you must have at least #10 wires feeding the circuit.

Missing fuse diagram can someone list the colors or fuses?

The fuse diagram for my 91 Capri is as fallows: Engine 15A Stop 20A Power Window 30A \ Meter 10A Hazard 15A ------ HTD B-light 20A Cigar 15A Tail 15A IG Relay Room 10A door lock 30A Audio 15A \ Fog Lamp 20A Air Cond 15A ----- \ Cooling Fan 20A Wiper 20A Heater 30A The IG Relay and the Heater are the big ones on the side of the fuse box.

What breaker do you use for 10-2 wire?

Assuming a 120V circuit then a 30A Single Pole. For a 240V circuit an 30A two pole. Of course anything smaller that a 30A is acceptable. 30A is the maximum allowed.

What size wire do you use to install a 30A breaker for a 240V receptacle for use with a 240V air conditioner?

10/3 with ground NM.

What size wire do you use to install a 30A breaker for a 240V heater?

10 AWG.

Can you connect a dryer with a 30A cord and receptacle to a line that has a 50A circuit breaker?

Yes and no. You can't put a 30A outlet on a 50A breaker as it will be a fire hazard. You can put a 50A outlet on it safely. Then you can plug the 30A load into it, but this is unwise and can be dangerous if you don't put fuses in your pigtail adapter. The best solution: Go ahead and install your 30A outlet but replace the 50A breaker with a 30A breaker. This is the safest and cleanest solution.

Can you use 12-2 wire to wire 9 lights that are 240V on a 30A breaker?


What size breaker should be used for a dryer in Canada?

Two pole (for 240V), 30A typical.

Can you plug 1 ampere 12 volts dc appliance to a 30 ampheres 12 volt dc outlet?

The outlet is rated for 30A, so anything up to, but not exceeding 30A can be plugged in.

If a circuit breaker is a 30A 240V for a dryer and the dryer calls for a 20A do you need to change your breaker?

No, you're fine. Breakers are mainly used to protect the wires (and people), not the appliance. The appliance should have its own overcurrent protection (a fuse usually). The 30 amp breaker will work in this case. First off, dryer outlets are usually 30A as a standard, just like normal wall outlets are 15A. Secondly, you want your expected load to be 80% of your breaker size. So, a 20A load would call for a minimum 25A breaker, they just rounded up to the standard 30A breaker. (Which has a maximum expected load, by this rule, of 24A.) Good question though.

What amp lighter fuse 1999 E39?

Fuse number 7 on drop down panel inside glovebox. 30A or 20A can be used

What does a 220 volt outlet look like?

The correct voltage is actually closer to 240 volts in most areas of the US. NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturer Association) has diagrams of different recepticles. There are actually different sizes of 240 V recepticles. A 20A (amp), a 30A, and a 50 A.

Mk3 golf cab where is fuse for roof?

It's under the bonnet, at the base of the coolant reservoir. There is a 30a strip fuse, and a 20a fuse behind it.

How can you convert a 240V clothes dryer to 120V?

You really cant do it because a 220 has a heating element in it to dry the clothes unlike gas that uses fire to dry the clothes and the 120 is to turn the drum.Your drier will keep poppin breakers which isn't good at all.Outlets and Power(110V outlets and 120V outlets are practically the same for this discussion. I will refer to them as 120V. Same with 220V/240V outlets.) By 110V outlet I'm assuming you mean a standard US 120V 15A outlet.This outlet can provide a maximum of 15A at 120V. This means the outlet can provide 1,800W of power. ( Volts x Amps = Watts ) This is the maximum amount of power this outlet can provide, no more. Also, this is assuming nothing else is drawing power off the circuit this outlet is on. If you try to pull 1800W from an outlet and plug anything else into this circuit, the breaker will blow.Your dryer is designed to run off a 30A 240V circuit. Let's say, for argument, it draws 24A at 240V. This means your appliance requires 5,760W of power to run correctly. This is 3.2 times the absolute maximum amount of power your 120V outlet can provide. There is no way you can run this appliance off this outlet. You have a larger problem here than the voltage difference.You can't, you need both a and b phases. You need to install an 240v receptacle.And don't upgrade to 240V by using the same wires!! Some complete idiots will try this and burn the neighborhood down.

Can you run a double pole 30 amp breaker to two 110 recepticles?

No, A double pole breaker is going to give you 220 volts. 220 Volts is too much voltage for a 110 Volt outlet to handle. == Answer== Better to pull the duplex 30a and install to single-pole 20a breakers...if one kicks out, you will know which side the problem's on. And there's no problem with running a 20a circuit over 10awg wire.

Can you safely change a 20 amp breaker to 30 amps?

No, this is not a recommended procedure. The breakers main job is to protect the wire that is connected to it. A 20A breaker will have a #12 wire (rated 20A) connected to it. A 30A breaker will have a #10 wire (rated 30A) connected to it. As you can see if you use a 30A breaker on a #12 wire you could overload the wire by 10 amps. I have seen an incident where the insulation has melted off of an overloaded wire, the wire short out and a fire start before the bigger size breaker tripped. DON'T DO IT.

How many watts does 30 amps at 240 volts produce?

240V x 30A = 7.2kWor the more general formula:Volts X Amps = Watts

1991 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible I need to know which fuse is for the turn signals I am missing the cover which tells you which fuse is for what?

here ya go buddy i got a 91 convert and its 1- HTR-AC ATC 30A 2-PWDO 30A C/B 3-HD-LAMP HORN 30A C/B 4 5-BACK-UP LAMPS 20A 6-TURN SIGNAL 20A 7-REAR WIPER 20A 8 ILLUM LAMPS 5A 9- FOG LAMPS 20A 10-TAIL LAMPS 20A 11-CIGAR LIGHTER 20A 12- 13- 14- GAUGES 5A 15- SPEED CONTROL 2A 16- 17- HEADLAMP LT-LOW 10A 18- HEADLAMP RT-LOW 10A 19- HEADLAMP LT- HIGH 10A 20- HEADLAMP RT-HIGH 10A 21- STOP LAMPS 20A 22- 23- 24- 25-HEATED MIRRORS 5A 26- INTERIOR LAMPS 10A 27- RADIO 10A 28-FRONT WIPER 20A (All are numbered top down left to right 12345 next row then the next 5 and so on) hope this helps out a ton dude

If you install a 30A 240V GFI breaker will this be ok or will the cycles the dryer has prematurely fail the breaker?

I suspect you mean GFIC breaker. The dryer will not cause the breaker to fail.

How heavy is a typical laundry dryer?

Most residential dryers run off a 30A 240V outlet. Indiviually their power ratings will vary, but they shouldn't draw more than 5.7kW. The typical dryer weighs something over 100 pounds to something under 150 pounds. Kind of a big window, but without specifics....

If you have a 240V dryer and installed 30A breakers on both sides of the line reads 120 and 120 how do you get 240 and you have a receptacle that reads 30A 125250 and still does not work?

you do NOT put two 110v breakers in. you put 1 two pole breaker in. the panel is designed to give you 220v off one side OR the other side if you use a 2 pole breaker on one side or the other side. If you look at both 120V lines on an oscilloscope you will notice that they are both 120V to the neutral, but they are 180 degrees out of phase. This means that when one hot is at +120V the other is at -120V. So between the two you have 240V. If you put your meter across both hots you should see 240V. If you do not see 240V across both hots you (or an unlicenced electrician) has wired the outlet without using a proper 220V breaker. You do not see 240V because the hots are in phase, to the voltage differential is 0V, not 240V. 220V breakers cannot do this, unless forcebly installed in the wrong type panel. More than likely someone tried to wire it with 110V breakers.