Can a 39 year old female virgin that has recently had hysterectomy oopherectomy find a loving male partner?

Of course. However, it seems to me the surgery is less an issue than your age. All you have really lost is your ability to conceive and carry a baby. This is a function you would lose naturally to menopause very soon anyway.

By the late 30s early 40s most guys who are interested in a loving relationship are already in one and have a wife and children. Most guys that age that aren't in a committed relationship either aren't interested or aren't capable. But that certainly doesn't mean the can of man you seek isn't out there.

I do wonder a bit how you got through 20 or so years of adulthood without ever having sex. This is very unusual but knowing nothing of your circumstances I don't want to speculate as to why this is. I can imagine a lot of possible reasons - someone completely out of your control, some within your control. You might want to think some about how this came to be.