Can a 40 year old wear a mini skirt?

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they can but its not a goood idea
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Is it wrong if you're a married 26-year-old woman but love wearing short skirts without panties when you go out to attract mens' attention?

If you're just flashin the goods for excitement and not puttin out,,,then there's nothing wrong with it. we like attention, and knowing other men find us sexy and desirable is confirmation that we have "it". as long as your save the physical acts for your so or hubby, then you're not cheating or bei ( Full Answer )

Would you let your 8 year old son go out with his friends wearing nothing but his favourite white satin button through back blouse with no skirt or any underwear on?

Answer . Well, there are at home clothes and there are ones to go out in, and he should know the difference--but you might still have to insist. But if he actually went out dressed like this, he needs to come back in and change to clothing that is similar to everyone else. At 8, he should still ( Full Answer )

Why were mini-skirts invented?

Before the 1960s, young women had been expected to dress in the style of their mothers, which was usually loosely based on Parisian couture. For example, as late as 1962, a Sears catalog portrayed mothers and daughters as "patchwork pals" who were overjoyed that they are wearing identical dresses. L ( Full Answer )

Can my wife wear a mini skirt?

It depends how old she is if she is in he early 20's,late 20's and early 30. What kind of BS answer is this? So no hot babe over 30 gets to wear a miniskirt? Eat it A-Hole! My wife is in her 40's and is hot and has great legs and ONLY wears miniskirt ALL THE TIME!! ALL THE TIME!! GET IT? DO YOU UND ( Full Answer )

How do you wear skirt?

Simply dressing it up. Shirt must be put inside of it. Medium size is recommended.

Why do girls wear mini-skirts?

to expose their legs I wear Mini-Skirts too! im a guy who loves to wear mini skirts with boy shorts

How do you wear a skirt?

With a high-waisted skirt, you tuck your shirt into your skirt. (Make sre the skirt is above your waist!) With a normal skirt I guess you would just pull it on to your hips?

What is the shortest mini skirt?

The shortest I've seen my girlfriend wear is 6 inches at the front ant 7 inches at the back, including belt, but I've seen shorter than that. Some of them are 5, even 4 inches. My girlfriend wears very loose, swinging miniskirts that barely reach to the edge of the buttocks. She refuses to wear pa ( Full Answer )

Who invented mini skirts?

Both French designer André Courrèges and British designer Mary Quant lay claim to the invention of the miniskirt. It was Mary Quant who named it the mini skirt after her favourite car The Mini.

Who invented the first mini SKIRT?

A designer named Mary Quant is credited with inventing the firstmini-skirt. She was from London and created her first short skirtin the 1960's.

When was the mini skirt first worn?

The mini skirt first began being worn by a few in 1966 and becamepopular in 1967. The designer of the mini skirt was John Bates.

What is the official length for a mini skirt?

There isn't an official length. I'd say any skirt that's between 2 and 7 inches above the knee would be considered a mini skirt. anything shorter would be a micro mini skirt.

Can 12 year old boys wear mini-skirts?

If you are talking about the propriety of wearing girls clothing in public, there is no law against it in the United States. Go ahead. Be prepared for the consequences. You will be unmercifully teased and even molested. Satisfy your desire in privacy. It could just be a phase that will pass with tim ( Full Answer )

What would you do if your 8 year old son insisted on going to school wearing the girls school uniform which consists of a white blouse and a grey pleated skirt?

Answer: if this is a serious request then you have to sit quietly with him and find out what he is thinking. It is not unknown for children to have gender identity problems. It might be worth exploring the matter further with a counselor. Answer: Do not assume anything; whether it is something ( Full Answer )

Can you wear a thong or no underwear under your mini skirt and how do you make sure people dont see ur .. im tlking about a really small skirt right below your butt?

Answer: Yes you can for the most part but sometimes little "accidents" may happen. So here are a few tips to minimize potentially showing too much... First you have to make sure your in the right mood before going out, (you don't want to appear nervous or apprehensive). Try to feel confident and ( Full Answer )

What year was the mini skirt invented?

A mini skirt usually has a hemline no longer that 10 inches belowthe buttocks. The earliest known miniskirts were worn by the DuanQun Miao in China during medieval times. Modern era miniskirts cameabout in 1964, designed by Mary Quant.

Why do women wear mini skirts?

My wife's wears them is because she loves them and so do I, she really likes the attn she gets when she is out shopping or a girls night out she really loves to show her legs off, and I also enjoy it she is always in heels and nylons

Who wears skirts?

Basically anyone that wishes too. It the western world generally it has become the norm that it is an item of female apparel, though there are exceptions. However it would be inadvisable to call the kilt a skirt. Though usually identified with the Scots it is not exclusively so.

What would you do if your 12 year old son wants to go to school dressed as a girl wearing a white Peter Pan collared blouse and a grey skirt?

There may be several reasons for his wanting to go to school dressed this way: shock value, to see how you react, gender identity exploration, etc. If you forbid him to go to school dressed in this manner, he will most likely resent it and it will only further increase either his curiosity or desir ( Full Answer )

When did mini skirts become popular?

During the 1960's. The mini skirt was introduced in 1964 by French designer André Courrèges but didn't become popular until 1966 when British designer Mary Quant raised the hemline even further and began selling mini skirts and mini dresses in her boutique, Bazaar.

Main things about the mini skirt?

Mini skirts are fun fashion items. They're never really out of fashion and they keep on returning as a feature piece every few summers. There are quite easy to wear if you have the body type. If your uncomfortable with your body then don't wear one. A miniskirt , sometimes hyphenated as mini-ski ( Full Answer )

Is 40 years old old?

No. Nowhere near it. "Old" is when you can't laugh, think, dance orsing anymore. 40 isn't ancient, although it might seem like it to teens. Mostpeople can still do all the things you want to, physically andemotionally.

Where can you get a black mini skirt?

I got a really cute skirt from a forever 21 outlet for around $8! it's really cute and it's long enough to wear to school, it's solid black and it has black fringe on the front/ middle part of the skirt. My favorite skirt!

Should an 11 year old wear mini shorts and in mean mini shorts not micromini shorts?

That is entirely subject to where you are and what your culture is; the 11-yr-olds where I live often wear mini shorts, but I know a lot of girls who don't because of their religion or what their parents are comfortable letting them wear. If parents or religion or school dress codes won't let you ( Full Answer )

What kind of panties do you wear under a mini skirt?

If this skirt is really short, then there is bound to be the possibility of an accidental panty flash, or you may even find yourself in a situation where someone may get a good look up your skirt. So avoid wearing bright colored regular panties which will draw way too much attention. I would su ( Full Answer )

What can you wear with a black mini skirt?

a patterned top with 3/4 sleeves or short sleeves, or a ruffly pastel blouse, preferably loose. a lightweight cardigan is cute over it for cooler weather. if you are taller, wear a color of shirt or blouse that contrasts from the skirt, and if shorter, a color similar to that of the skirt. ankle-hig ( Full Answer )

When were the mini skirts invented?

From the ancient Greek tunic until the military tunic of Roman times, the very short tunic was exclusively worn by slaves and fighters. In the middle ages they were worn under Armour. The popularity of miniskirts peaked in the the 1960s, but its popularity has waned and resurged since. Before that t ( Full Answer )

How do you ask your mom for a mini skirt?

You Just ask you mum, as I am getting older and going out with boyfriend I think I need a mini skirt so I can look hot and he may have fun with me

Can I wear a mini skirt without underwear to Denny's during the evening?

YES! I think Denny's is pretty safe as they have big booths with big tables so if you sit away from the aisle you will be ok. The person who you are having dinner with will have no idea you are not wearing panties during the meal as they will only see the top half of you. The only scary moment f ( Full Answer )

Can 40 years old have baby?

Yes. There is no reason a healthy forty year old should not have a baby if she wishes. It would be advisable to have genetic counseling as some chromosomal abnormalities are more common in babies of "older" moms.

What should an 11 year old where with a pencil skirt?

11 year olds are to young to where pencil skirts. It highly inappropriate, try will get bad repuatations at school, you know how older boys are. You should stick with your age group clothing!

Is ICarly suitable viewing for 8 year olds as I have heard that some of the language is questionable and Carly sometimes wears very short mini or micro-mini skirts?

I was watching it when I was eight, and I'm not scarred for life. But you might want them tobwatch earlier episodes instead, because they've gotten increasingly mature. Also, you can watch some on YouTube before showing it to the eight year old and judge for yourself. Carly Shay certainly wears mic ( Full Answer )

What can you wear with a white and black mini skirt?

It's hard to go wrong with a black and white skirt. You can pair it with a black or white top, but adding color may also brighten up your look and offer a spin on a classic color combination. Red, black, and white is always a safe, great choice!

Can a 40 year old model?

Most definitely. Models age 25 and older fall under the category of "lifestyle modeling," which is a sub-category of commercial/print modeling. Many agencies use these two terms interchangeably, however.

What companies make mini skirts?

Several clothing companies make mini skirts. Mini skirts are sold at American Apparel, Charlotte Russe, Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, H&M, Gap, and several other stores, many of which share the same clothing company and distributor.