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Q: Can a 5 speed from a v6 camaro be used on a v8?
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Will a 5 speed out of 91 v6 camaro work in a91 v8 camaro?

No, gear ratios are different.

Will the 5 speed tranny from 1989 2.8 v6 camaro fit a v8?

NO it will not.

Does a 94 ss Camaro have a v8 engine or a v6 engine?

In 1994 there was no SS Camaro. The Z28 had a 5.7 liter V8. The base Camaro had a V6.

How much horsepower does a 91 camaro rs 5 speed have?

what engine does it have, the v6 or v8?

What is the top speed of the 2010 Chevy Camaro?

Depends whether it's a V6 or V8

Is a rs Camaro a v6 or v8?

An RS camaro came stock with a v6 but came had the option of a v8, turns out most RS's were v8's

Can you put a V8 trnsmisson on a V6 camaro 2001?

the transmission used in the v6 is the same as the transsmission in the V8 and they can be swapped either way. as in you can match the v8 with a v6 tranny or a v6 with a v8 tranny the bellhousing lines up the same

How fast is the 1992 Camaro rs campared to a 1988 Camaro with a 305 v8 and how much is it to install a v8?

Well the 1992 RS automatic is like 170 HP. I had a V6 Swapped out for a V8 on my camaro, I don't know how much it was. My car was a 1983 Camaro with 107HP V6, replaced it with a 1992 RS V8 170HP.

Will a Camaro V6 5speed interchange with a v8?


Can you switchout v6 camaro to v8 1994?


How many cylinders does a 2009 Camaro have?

There is a v6 and a v8 model

Are Camaro v6 coil springs the same as a v8?

no the v6 front springs are around 87 lb/in lighter than the v8 and the rear on a v6 are 14.6 lb/in lighter

Can a v6 rs camaro be replaced with 350 v8 motor?


Which has more advantage the 2010 v6 camaro or the v8 mustang?

The V8 Mustang. It all makes since!

Will a 2000 v8 Camaro ratiator fit a 2000 v6 Camaro?

Probably not. You have to see if both cars are auto or manual trans. If auto, the V8 will have trans cooler lines into the radiator, not sure if the V6 uses these.

Is a 1989 RS camaro a V6 or V8?

They made both V6's & V8's? Check your vin #. What kinda silly question is this?

Camaro 2010 top speed?

v8: 155 with governor 175-180 without v6: 118 with governor 155 without

What is the MSRP for the 2010 Camaro?

Camaro Models(prices include $750 destination)1EE37 - Camaro LS: $22,995 V61EF37 - Camaro 1LT: $24,630 V61EH37 - Camaro 2LT: $27,330 V61ES37 - Camaro 1SS: $30,995 V81ET37 - Camaro 2SS: $34,180 V8

What exhaust system makes a camaro with a 3.8 v6 sound like a v8?

One with a V8 bolted to the front of it !

What engine is in a 92 Camaro rs?

Either the 3.1 V6 or 5.0 V8

How much horse power does a camaro 2010 have?

V6? V8? Be more specific

What engine does a fifth generation Camaro have?

Either a 3.6L V6 or a 6.0L V8

Will an 94 V8 Trans Am transmission fit into your 94 v6 Camaro?


Can you put a v8 in a 1995 Camaro with a v6 in it now?

The 1995 Z28 camaro has a v8 engine in it. That engine is a ctually a steel version of the corvette engine. Since there are 1995 camaros with v8 engines in them, you can probably fit a v8 into your car.

What kind of automatic transmission is in a 1994 Chevrolet camaro?

Depending whether it was a V6 or a V8, there were different transmissions. The V6's standard transmission was a 5-speed manual with an optional 4L60E automatic. The V8 had a standard 6 speed Borg-Warner T-56 manual with an optional 4L60E automatic.

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