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Q: Can a 7mm-08 rifle shoot 308 bullets safely?
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Can you shoot a 243 caliber round in a 7mm08 rifle?

No, you cannot, and attempting to do such would be extremely dangerous.

Does a JStevens 32 long rifle shoot 22 long bullets?

NO NO NO! Only shoot what the rifle is chambered for and so marked.

What rifle bullets can you shoot through 410 shotgun?


Can a rifle shoot rimfire and centerfire bullets?

Not without some adapter device.

Can the ak-47 water rifle shoot bb bullets?

No it's not designed to do it.

What kind of bullets does a m49 Ithaca lever action single shot 22 caliber rifle shoot?

22 Long Rifle

Can you shoot 6.8 rifle bullets in a standard Mini Ranch rifle 6.8?

You must contact Ruger to avoid voiding the warranty for a correct answer.

How many bullets can you shoot from a 22winchester rifle 290 model?

The magazine tube holds 15 rounds.

Can you shoot 44special bullets in a breach action 44magnum rifle?

Single shot break action? yes.

What weapons were used in the old west?

the Winchester multi shot rifle

What can you shoot out of a 30-30 rifle?

.30-30 cartridges. That's all.

What can panzers shoot?

Panzers can shoot bullets. Gun bullets.