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It is not unheard of for students to be invited to university directly from high school, however it is very rare. The student has to show amazing levels of intelligence and an unusually high IQ with exceptional examination results to be recognised by a highly professional university.

Usually you are required to go to college first and gain A-level or equivalent qualifications. These are required because your grades are counted as "points", known as "UCAS Points". The higher your college grades are, the more UCAS points your grades are worth. Highly professional universities such as Oxford and Cambridge naturally require students to have relatively high UCAS points, while other universities only require high UCAS points for certain courses.

So, in summary, it is not impossible to go straight to Oxford University from high school, however it is extremely rare. You would be better off concentrating in school so you can get into a good college. When you have worked through college accumulating UCAS points, you can apply to join Oxford.

Another benefit of finishing college first before university is that you will have more qualifications, therefore better job prospects.

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Yes, British citizens can be admitted to Oxford University. Margaret Thatcher attended Oxford as did Tony Blair, Hugh Grant, David Cameron, and others.

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Q: Can a British citizen get admission to Oxford University?
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