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Yes this is possible and sometimes the fare is cheaper this way.

2017-10-07 20:26:11
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What is the name of the border that borders Canada for about 560 miles?

The border that borders Canada is called the Canadian border.

Which scandinavian provinces montana border?

Scandinavia is in Europe. Montana does not border Scandinavia. Montana does border Canada. To the north Montana borders Canadian provinces British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

What is distance between Detroit airport and Canadian border?


What is the line called between Canada and the US?

The line between Canada and the Unites States is called the Canadian-American border or American-Canadian border.

What provinces from Canada border Texas?

none do. Texas is south of Canada, and no Canadian provinices border Texas.

What major airport is close to Niagara Falls?

On the American side of the border, Buffalo Airport is the closest to Niagara Falls. On the Canadian side of the border, Pearson International Airport in Toronto is the closest.

What is the demarcation line for Washington and Canada?

The Canadian-U.S. border

Does new york have a longer border with canada?

Alaska is the US state with longest Canadian border.

Was The Louisiana Purchase north or south of Canada?

A tiny portion of the land acquired did cross the Canadian Border, but the vast majority was south of the Canadian Border.

Largest city near Canadian border in Canada?

Vancouver BC ?

How many provinces in canada border the US?

7 Canadian provinces and 1 Canadian territory borders the US.

How does the us patrol border lakes with Canada?

this is a joint venture with the Canadian Coast guard and the Canadian and US customs

What provinces border Lesotho?

No Canadian provinces border Lesotho. Canada is on the continent of North America. Lesotho is in Africa.

Where did the US and Britain finally decide to draw the border between the US and Canada?

On The Canadian-US Border, Of Course

Driving distance from DC to Canada?

About 350 miles to the Canadian border from DC.

Line name separating us and Canada?

The Canadian / United States Border?

What is a good idea for a Canada History title page border?

canadian flags

What Canadian province forms part of the western border of Maine?

Quebec, Canada

Which major us airport is closes to Toronto?

Buffalo International Airport (BUF) is the closest US airport to Toronto (YYZ) airport. The distance is approximately 100 miles. In addition to drive time of under two hours, consideration must be made for transiting the US/Canadian border, particularly if travelling from Canada to the US.

Can a us citizen move to canada?

Yes, they can move to Canada. They have to meet the Canadian requirements to cross the border, live and work in Canada.

Is Canada in the European Union?

No. Canada shares a border with the United States of America and is not part of Europe.

How many miles from Mississippi to Canada?

The distance from Jackson, Mississippi to the Canadian border at Ontario, Canada is 957 miles.

How far is it to Canada from Washington DC?

It depends on where in Canada you go to, but the shortest distance to the Canadian border is 385 miles.

What is domestic airport name in Washington dc?

It is close to canada peach art border

What Canada state border to New Hampshire?

Canada does not have states. Canada has provinces. The Canadian province of Québec shares a border with the American states of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.