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Yes, as long as the tire size are the same size... If your refering to rim size then... Yes, they will as long as there are the same bolt pattened. Depending on years too..

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Q: Can a Ford Expedition tire fit on a Lincoln Navigator?
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What is a 1999 Lincoln Navigator tire size?

On a 1999 Lincoln Navigator : Open the drivers door and on the latch pillar you will see an information sticker that shows the original tire size on the vehicle from the factory

Where is the spare tire on the Lincoln navigator?

On a Lincoln Navigator : The spare tire is under the vehicle , just forward of the rear bumper You can view the Lincoln Navigator owners manual ( various years ) online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides ( in the Roadside Emergencies section you will find instructions , with drawings , on how to lower the spare tire in order to change the tire )

How do you release the spare tire on a 1999 Ford Expedition?

how do you release a spare tire on a 1999 ford expediton xlt

Ware is my spare tire located on your Ford Expedition?

On a Ford Expedition : The spare tire is located underneath the vehicle , just ahead of the rear bumper ( it lowers down using a crank system )

How do you reset 2005 Lincoln Navigator low tire pressure icon?

Hi. What icon (!) on a panel or computer message TIRE PRESSURE TO LOW?

Ford Expedition tire pressure?

35 rear 30 front

What is the tire pressure for a 1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?

Follow the recommendations on the sidewall of the tire.....not the vehicle.

Where is the spare tire crank on a 1999 Ford Expedition?

On a 1999 Ford Expedition : It's supposed to be at the front of the engine compartment , on top of the radiator support

Tire pressure for 1999 Ford Expedition?

It's far better to follow the tire pressure recommended on the tire than on the vehicle.

What autos have 5-135 tire bolt pattern?

2000 ford expedition

What type of tire to install on a Lincoln Navigator?

Check Owner's Manual. If you do not have one. Check Related links below.

Can 24-inch rims fit on a 1998 Lincoln navigator?

Yes with a size 305/40 24 TIRE