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Can a Gardner snake live when cut in half?

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No, it can't. When a snake is killed in that manner, it's body can continue to writhe and wiggle, but it isn't because the snake is still alive. It's the snake's nerves that cause the muscles to continue to twitch for a while after death. But even though the snake is dead, you should never put your hand, or any other part of your body near the mouth of the snake, since the venom is still active.

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Will a snake live if cut in half?

a snake will live for a short time,but will not be able to process foods

You cut a snake in half and cant find the half with the head still attached will it still live?

No. If you cut a snake in half you will sever vital organs and major blood vessels.

If you cut a snake in half will it live?

no the snake will not live there are only some organisms that regenerate worms and starfish being two

Can a snake rejoin after being cut in half?


Can a snake cut in half reconnect itself?


How long will snakes live if cut in half?

it won't live at all! is just not true !! Fact is they will live and they will bite. I cut a snake in half and then killed it the next day. I cut over 2 foot of it off and then the next day it out of its hole and back in the yard. If you want to make sure a snake is going to die cut the head off of the body. be careful it will still try to bite you and it can if you are not careful. For how long it will live I'm not really sure but I can tell you at least a day or more.

Will a snake live if its tail is cut off?

Yes it will.

What if you cut a snake in half would it grow its tail back?

Absolutely not !

If a snake is cut in half will it grow back?

snakes will not grow back wen they get cut up. i now that cuz once a snake was on my porch and i killed it with a shovel. it died

If you cut a centipede in half will it live?


What can be cut in half and live?

a earthworm and a brain

Can an earthworm be cut in half and live?


If you cut an earthworm in half will it live?

yes it will. If you cut one in half, each side will actually completely re-grow.

Will the worm live after being cut in half?

Yes it will

If a snake gets its head cut off will it live?

Yes for seven minutes or so

Why dont worms die if you cut them in half?

IF you cut a worm in half, the bottom half will die because it cannot grow a new head. However, the top half will live and heal.

How do worms live after they are cut in half?

Worms may live after they are cut in half. The rear section of the worm will always die. The front section may live because of regeneration. At least 10 segments must remain in the front for it to live.

What happen you cut worms in half?

it would continue to live because worms have 4 hearts. :) But if you cut a worm in half and it doesent keep moving its because that's really just half of a worm that someone already cut in half

How long can a wasp live if cut in half?

3 days with a head cut off, 5 with the butt cut off.

Can starfish be cut in half and live?

Yes, it can if you cut a starfishes arm than it will grow a new one!

Will a starfish live if it is cut in half?

Yes, but only certain kinds.

What will happen to an earthworm if the clitellum is cut in half?

no you will not get 2 earth worms only the top half of the worm will live if you cut it in half because it's tail will rejenorate while the head on the other half of the worm can not.

How long do live a tiger snake?

If they don't get run over by a car, cut in half with a shovel, eaten by another predator or any of the other things that take out snakes in the prime of life, snakes the size of tiger snakes tend to live 10 to 20 years.

Can a grasshopper live after being cut in half?

Yes but only for a short time

How can a snake live with its head cut off?

It can't. A snake's head contains the brain, which controls vital functions.