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No, a Marlin 881 stock cannot fit in a model 81. The stock would fit an 881, not an 81.

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โˆ™ 2014-09-18 00:21:46
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Q: Can a Marlin 881 stock fit a model 81?
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Can the bullpup muzzlelite stock fit the marlin glenfield 60?

There is a Bullpup Muzzlelite stock specifically made for the Marlin model 60 rifle. As I type this the retail price is about $150.

Will a marlin 917 stock fit a marlin 917m2?


Where can you get a stock for a glenfield model 20?

Boyds gun stocks and I believe the marlin mod 80 will be compatible, if not then a bit of wood working will be needed to fit the action.

Will a model 7 stock fit a 600 mohawk?

A model 7 stock would not fit a 600 Mohawk. The stock and the trigger guard do not line up correctly, although the stock may fit on the gun.

Can a Marlin Model 60W stock fit a Marlin Model 60SB gun?

Yes. Very few parts have changed in the Model 60 since it was first made, and parts are 100% interchangeable between different variations of Model 60s made in the same rough time period. The only significant differences in the stocks on the Model 60 between the different variations and over the years are the material it's made of, and the finish on the stock. Beware, though, you might have to do some fitting to get it to fit just right.

Will the 7 shot magazine you sell for the old marlin model 80 rifle fit my j c Higgins model 103.228?

will the 7 shot magazine you sell for the old marlin model 80 fit my j c Higgins model 103.228

What clips fit model 9 marlin camp carbine?

Smith and Wesson model 59 clips

Will a Model 1400 shotgun stock fit a Model 140?


Will a stock from a Remington 870 fit a model 1100?

No, the Remington Model 1100 stock has a hole (recepticle) through the inside of the stock in the pistol grip area to accept the action spring tube. The Remington Model 870 stock has no need for this hole so the 870 stock will not fit on the Model 1100 action.

Does the stock for a Winchester model 12 shotgun stock 12 gauge fit also fit a 16 gauge?


Will a replacement stock for a Marlin Model 336 work on a Marlin Model 336 RC?

that answer is "YES" The stock works fine on a Marlin 30AS however there is some slight modification needed with a dremmel tool to get it perfect. The Fore end however does not fit as it is at least 3/4" to 1" short. On the Marlin 30AS there is a fitting that is attached physically to the Barrel that has two screws on either side that attaches a metal cap onto the farthest end of the Fore End and the Marlin 336 Fore end will not reach that cap. SO....unless you have a fantastic gunsmith that can modify that metal cap so that it is 3/4" to 1" longer the fore end will not fit properly at all.

Will the stock for a Winchester model 1200 work on a Winchester model 12?

This will not fit a model 12

What company makes 1 inch scope rings to fit a model 780 marlin 22 rifle the mounts are built into the rifle?

Contact Marlin

Will a Remington model 78 Fit the stock of a 700 model?

I don't believe so.

Will model 70 stock fit model 54 barreled action?

Not without modifications

Will a Remington 700 SA stock fit a model 7?


Does the recoil spring from a marlin model 60 fit a revelation 150 since it was a marlin model 49?

When looking at the exploded view drawings of both models it certainly looks like they would be interchangeable.

Can a Marlin 336 stock fit on a marlin 30as?

Yes it will For anyone interested, I just called Marlin and found that the buttstock are compatible with each other, but not the forend. The forend of a 30AS has a cap and the forend of the 336 has a band...... Linohunter

Will a stock for a Winchester model 70 fit a Winchester super shadow model 70 in 300wsm?


Will stock 1994 Camaro wheels fit on a 1999 model?


What is the value of a 22 Ranger bolt action model 36?

I don't know the value of your .22 Ranger bolt action,but it was made by Marlin for and sold by Ranger.It is the same as the Marlin model 80.All parts will fit

What all other model will fit a Stevens model 124c shotgun stock?

Any of the 124 series.

Will the Marlin 22 caliber model 98 or 39 magazine fit the 92?

Yes, there is a kit available which fits Marlin Lever action rimfires from 1891 thru 1939.

What stock fits the spyder victor 09?

There are no stocks that fit that model spyder.

Will the magazine tube out of a Marlin model 60 fit a Marlin model 99?

That's hard to say since there are several different ones listed for the model 60 with at least three different lengths. They are all .22's, so you may be able to modify a longer one to fit your model 99. See Numrich arms: