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Yes, you can download Android Apps over Nook tablets !

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If you have the Nook app on your Android and sign in to your account, youcan download books onto the Android.

you cant download apps sorry

It already does. The Nook runs on Google's Android operating system. At this point you would have to root the Nook to run Android apps.

The Kindle and the nook have the ability to download many apps. But not the best ones a great alternative is getting an android tablet afterwards you can download a e-reader app such as play books for Google. Since you have an android tablet you will be able to download many apps on the market.

The Barnes and Noble Nook has no built-in ability to run third-party apps, despite it being built on Android. The only way to have a Nook run third-party apps, is to jailbreak or "root" your device which naturally voids the warranty and may not even be possible on newer models of the Nook.

Yes, you can download Android apps to a BlackBerry device (BlackBerry 10.3.1 or newer).

There are both free and paid apps available for android phones.

A nook is something were you can download books on to it like apps or something you can read with a nook

While the Nook does run Android, as yet Barnes & Noble has not enabled third-party applications on the device (either from Android Marketplace or from a B&N app store). There has been some speculation that the device will transition into a full-featured tablet in 2011, with greater flexibility to run apps, but few expect it to allow all Android apps (such as an Android version of Amazon's Kindle Reader).

Well if you root your Nook using an SD card, you can choose how much music or movies it will hold. Plus you can get the Android Marketplace where there are 1000's of free games to choose from!

You purchase them through the store and they download onto the Nook automatically.

Turning a Nook to an Android devise can be tricky. You have to download and save the Android operating system on to an SD card and install it onto your Nook.

Yes. Android have their own format of apps (.apk) and they can only be run on android. Unless you have an android emulator on your computer.

On Google Play and find apps that is free

No, not really. Most apps are exclusive to the iPhone, but some of them you can get for free on the nook app store, or you may have to buy them again.

Well, it depends on what your needs are if you are searching for a tablet mainly for reading. The Nook has proprietary apps that are specific to that device that you might not find in a tablet with Android OS. However, you would have limited app choices, and an older Android OS built in with the Nook.

Yes you can buy apps they are from Android so they are pretty decent

You can download them on

To download apps from the android market you must... Have a google account signed in and working have a working internet connnection have space on your phone

On the nook simple touch, you can read e-books and other digital magazines or papers. On other nook tablets you can use android apps for productivity or entertainment purposes.

Yes, android phones are able to download thousands of apps very much simular to the IPhone. Some of the apps are exactly the same while others are unique to the android market.

you can get all the android apps on your PC visit this website softpcware com

Yes the Motorola Droid can download apps for the Motorola app store not the apple store.

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