The Nook is an e-reader manufactured by the bookseller Barnes & Noble. A competitor to the Amazon Kindle, the Nook has web-surfing capabilities as well as a color screen.

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Can you print from a nook?

I dont think you can unless there is someway to hook it up to the computer, transfer the document,...


What should you do if your nook freezes?

That happens to mine a lot. The easiest solution is to completely shut down your Nook and wait a couple of minutes. Then restart it. It might take a couple of minutes to restart again, so you need to be patient. Good luck!


Does the nook read books aloud?

Only the Nook Color, Tablet & HDs & only select children's books


Is it possible to rent books on the nook color?

You can rent books on your color nook. All you have to do is go to your local library and make sure they support the nook color. Then, follow the instructions they provide and you're all set.


Can Kindle books be transferred to a Nook and vice versa?


Unless you can somehow download it to your computer and change the format of the book to one the Nook can read.

No. They are each their own different brands, so you cannot access the nook store on the kindle.

If they have DRM - no, cannot be opend with a kindle.

If the do not have DRM - they can be converted using third party software (e.g. calibre).

Kindle books use a proprietary format that can only be read on Kindles or devices running a Kindle app including the iPhone, Android phones, iPad, Mac and PC. The Nook can not read ebook in the Kindle format. Both the Kindle and Nook can read ebooks in some other common formats but these are used for free ebook titles that are one or two centuries old.

No. Books that are on Kindle devices are ".mobi" files. Nooks read ".epub" files.

As of 3/25/12, there is no way to put books from your Nook onto your Kindle.


How long does it take to charge a NOOK for the first time?

aproxiamately 1 and half hours


Is a nook just for reading books or can you use the web also?

Yes, you can get on the web using its WIFI feature. One nook also has a 3G feature so you can always buy books from anywhere you go, internet or no internet.


Can you buy movies on nook?

no, but if you get a ipad you can get HD movies


When is the new nook coming out?

According to Barnes and Noble the expected release date is Nov 19th, 2010


Can you read the Nook Tablet in the sun?

It tells you all about reading the nook in the sun if you go to this website:


Can you download college books to a nook?

It depends on the book. Not all books are available, but a lot certainly are. If you haven't already purchased your Nook, I would recommend comparing it with the Kindle to see which one carries more of the course books you're going to be needing before you buy.

Kindle Fire

Does a nook color case fit a Kindle Fire?

No i don`t really think so the kindle fire is a bit smaller and the nook color case would probably be to big but you can try


What are the dimensions of the nook?

The Nook is 8.1 inches tall, 5 inches wide, 0.48 inches thick and 15.8 ounces heavy.

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How do you buy nook book?

With A Credit Card


How do you put digital copy on nook color?

How To

How to return a borrowed book from nook color?

I am not sure how to do this from the Nook device itself, but I have found the borrowed items in my master library at and returned them from there.


Are books free on the nook simple touch?

Not all books are free, but there are some available if you go to the store and search "$0.00" or go to the free section.

Kindle Fire

How do the Kindle Fire and nook Color compare?

nook color, or even the nook tablet. they are more reliable and faster
Ive owned both , the nook color freezes, and is not useful after a couple of days and games cost WAY more. Kindle is way better, very useful, cheap popular games, and has cloud.


What is nook study?

NOOKstudy is Barnes & Noble bookseller's entry into the world of digital education. NOOKstudy is a FREE application for PC's(XP, Vista, Win7 req'd) and Mac (OS X10.6 and up req'd) which allows a students to, not only, read purchased Digital Textbooks on their computer or laptop, but make annotations, take notes, highlights, and even tag passages.

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How do you delete books off the nook app?

You can't the book will just stay in your library, so you can read it again if you want to.

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Does the nook need wifi to read the books?

No, the nook does not need wifi to read books, or to download books. as long as you have at&t cell phone service, you can buy and download books. you can read them even if you don't have service


Does the B and N Nook Color have a backlight?

Yes it does and you can control the brightness.

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What is the summary of One night at a call center by Chetan Bhagat?

It's the story of a group of people working at a call center. All of them have personal problems in life, however, they are friends rather colleagues working together. Their call center was under the threat of closure because of the economic slowdown and other reasons. That is another worry that this group of people share together.

One night they get a call from GOD. Now that call makes them stand on their feet to face the problems in real life. They work together and finally all the problems are solved (including the closure of the call center) which then grew to great heights.

how did all this happen...!!! well you gotta read the book for yourself.

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Temple Run

Can you play Temple Run on the nook tablet?

yes and no there are some downloads but i don't know if they will give you viruses but if you look in the store your only option is the cheat book NOT the actual game and plus it is $4 not worth it.


How do you copy photos from your computer onto your nook?

First you will need to buy a microSD card, then load any books, music or photos to the microSD card and then insert the microSD card into the nook. The nook will read files from the microSD card.


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