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Anyone can study to be a doctor/Pediatrician, and that incl a pediatric nurse. She has to study to be a doctor though.

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Q: Can a Pediatric nurse become a pediatrician?
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Is a pediatrician a nurse or doctor?

A pediatrician is a doctor. A nurse who works exclusively with childen is a pediatric nurse.

How many years of college do you need to become a pediatric nurse?

to become a pediatrician you have to have 11 to 12 years of college.

Who is a famous black pediatric nurse?

i need a famous black pediatrician

Whats a pediatric nurse?

It is a children's nurse. They usually work in the children's wing of the hospital or for a pediatrician.

Can you tell me how to become a pediacric nurse?

The only way to become a pediatric nurse is to obtain your four year degree in nursing. This is the only way to become a liegitamate pediatric nurse.

Do you have to get a bachelor's and a master's to become an pediatric nurse?

No you can be a pediatric nurse with an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Nursing.

What experience is needed to become a pediatric nurse?

to do it

After going to college what do you do to become a pediatrician?

You have to become a nurse first and you have to get your edd

How do you say pediatric nurse?

Pediatric Nurse.

What are pediatrics employee expenses?

Pediatric employee expenses are expenses that you have to pay when you become a pediatrician.

How many year does it take to become a Pediatric Nurse?


Where would you have to study to become a pediatric nurse?

at a school docter

What work experience do you have to have to become a pediatric nurse?

You need to enroll and graduate from a college nursing program to become a pediatric nurse. Work experience in/around a hosptial would be helpful.

What education do you need to become an Pediatrician?

To become a pediatrician you need to have 4 years of college, then 4 years of medical school, then 3 years of pediatric residency training.

What is a pediatrician nurse?

A pediatrician nurse is nurse that take care of babies.

What is the career pathway description of a pediatric nurse?

Pediatric nurses must first complete nursing program either at a college, hospital, or university and earn an associate's or bachelor's degree. To become a pediatric nurse one also has to pass an exam to become a registered nurse. They can then apply for positions in pediatric offices and hospitals.

How many years of training do you need to become a pediatrician?

1) What kind of education do you need to become a pediatrician? Pediatricians typically complete 11 years of training to become a pediatrician, including: * 4 years of college * 4 years of medical school * 1 year of an internship in pediatrics * 2 years of a pediatric residency Pediatric specialists, like a pediatric cardiologist or pediatric endocrinologist, also have to complete at least 3 years of specialty fellowship training.

What is the title for a pediatric doctor?


What does a pediatric nurse do?

A Pediatric nurse specializes in the care of children.

How much does a pediatric nurse make?

How much does a pediatric nurse make? a pediatric nurse makes $19.51-$26.11 an hour

What does been a pediatric nurse involve?

a pediatric nurse involves a nurse who cares for children

What are the daily duties of a pediatric nurse?

what do a pediatric nurse do on the daily bases?

What are the courses of study to be a pediatric nurse?

what are the courses to study to be a pediatric nurse

How many classes does a pediatric nurse have to take?

Four years to become a BS/RN and an additional year for the pediatric specialty.

How many math courses do you have to take to become a pediatric nurse?

A Hell of a lot!