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A focus on total health of a child has become the extended and expanded role of a pediatric nurse. Pediatric nurses diagnose and treat conditions in children and promote disease prevention.


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Nurses have an extended and expanded role within their job description. Some of these roles are, traveling with patients until healthcare is not needed and doing more than required because of a lack of doctor presence.

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Its imp to knw abt d role of pediatric nurse. She is d first care giver to a baby especially to first child bearing mother.

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The role of a nurse within the healthcare system is an admirable position. It takes a special person to be a nurse. A nurse displays qualities such as compassion, excellent problem solving skills.

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The roll of the enrolled nurse in relation to restraints is to demonstrate understanding of her role to delegate, direct and monitor. The enrolled nurse is to adhere to standards and procedures related to restraint.

For those who love children and have a desire to make their lives better, there is no career more rewarding than working as a pediatric nurse. Pediatric nurses are highly specialized individuals who dedicate their lives to keeping children healthy while ensuring that they live each and every day to the fullest. Through comprehensive training, pediatric nurses have become authorities in their field and, even more so, the guardians of the futures of young children everywhere. Training to be a pediatric nurse starts by obtaining a degree from a four-year bachelor’s program, a two-year associate’s program, or a certificate from a licensed nursing school. Though through which means this education is obtained is entirely the candidate’s prerogative, it should be noted that employers do look more favorably upon candidates with a four year bachelor’s degree. From here, individuals must obtain a license by completing the NCLEX-RN, or National Council Licensure Examination. It should be noted that people looking to become a pediatric nurses require more education than the average nurse, as nursing schools don’t offer licensing opportunities for pediatric nurses. Individuals need to already have a job within the medical field, preferably within the pediatric sector of a hospital. Candidates should further their education by completing an internship in pediatric nursing their place of work. These steps will give the individual more hands-on training while granting him or her a functional idea of what a normal day as a pediatric nurse will be like. Following this, those wishing to become a pediatric nurse need to complete Certified Pediatric Nurse Exam, or CPN. As stated before, this exam can only be taken once the individual has a working knowledge of pediatric nursing, as well as a career within the medical field. Though the training to become one is quite comprehensive, working as a pediatric nurse is equal parts rewarding and dynamic. An ever-changing work environment awaits those who complete every level of the training, and though it will take years for most candidates to complete, the payoff is definitely worth every minute spent in licensing exams. The opportunity to change the lives of children is one that many dream of but very few attain—for those with strong interpersonal skills, a thirst for knowledge, and a love for our nation’s youth, there is no greater career prospect than becoming a pediatric nurse.

A nurse provides skilled care and comfort for ill persons.

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The role of district public health nurse is to assist in treating community health issues, immunizations, and sexually transmitted disease transmission education.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses can be nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, or nurse midwives. APRNs are often primary care providers and play a key role in providing preventative care to the public.

To assist the mother and the obstetrician in childbirth.

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