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Can a PlayStation 1 game be played on a PlayStation 2 and use a playstaion 2 memory card?

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Yes, but you cannot save playstation 1 games on a playstation 2 memory card as they are not compatible.

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Do you have to have a memory card for PlayStation 1 to work?

no you dont need a memory card to work a playstation 1

What is the largest memory card I can get for my PlayStation 2?

The largest memory card available for the PlayStation 2 is the Pro DUO card which is 16GB.

Does Playstation 3 have a memory card?

it has a hard drive not a memory card.

How do you transfer data between PlayStations?

To transfer data between two or more PlayStation systems, you must have a PlayStation Memory Card. Insert the Memory Card into either of the two Memory Card slots on the PlayStation system. Upon powering on the PlayStation, access the Memory Card from the menu and you can drag and drop game save data. Once you have the data you need, shut off the system and remove the Memory Card. Then insert the Memory Card into another PlayStation system and the data on the card can now be used on the second system. Keep in mind that the Memory Card must remain in the PlayStation that you are using, as the PlayStation lacks internal storage.

Will a ps2 recognize a PS1 memory card?

I do believe that a PlayStation 2 will recognize a PlayStation 1 memory card. I use a ps1 memory card in my ps2 might it might vary from the different memory card brands.

Is there a memory card for PlayStation 1 that can go in the PlayStation 2?

AnswerYes! Any PS1 memory card should go in a PS2 memory card slot.It will not be able to save.you can load a playstation game and play it though!

What type of memory card does PlayStation 2use?

It uses a PlayStation 2 memory card. 8mb. Companies on card: Sony and MagicGate. only ps2 cards

Final fintasy 9 won't save... It just won't. Does yours do the same?

no, mine saved fine when i played it; make sure you have a playstation 1 memory card, not a playstation 2 memory card

How can you transfer files from your PC to PlayStation Memory Card?

You need a Memory Card reader device to connect the Memory card to a computer

Does a PlayStation need a memory card?

A PlayStation 3 has a Harddrive and can read memory cards with a USB adaptor

Can you save PlayStation 1 games on PlayStation 3 console?

yes,you can create an internal memory card and start for scratch with all of your playstation games or you can get a memory card adapter driver which is about $10.00-$15.00 and convert all your saved games from a playstation memory card and play as you would on a palystation

Do you need a memory card for a PlayStation 2?

Yes, to store PlayStation 2 game data you need a 8MB (PS2) memory card. The PS2 will still play most games without a memory card

Where do you insert a PlayStation 2 memory card in a PlayStation 3?

It's not a PS2 and does not take a memory card for the PS2. For the backward compatible 4 USB port PS3s you create a memory card in the harddrive of the PS3.

What is the largest memory card available for Playstation 2?

The largest first party Playstation 2 memory card is 8 megabytes in capacity. The largest third party Sony-authorized Playstation 2 memory card allows for up to 32 megabytes of storage.

Can PlayStation 2 games be saved on the PlayStation 3?

yes you can make a ps2 memory card on your ps3 yes you can make a ps2 memory card on your ps3

Can PlayStation games be saved to a PlayStation 2 memory card?

No they can not. Although you CAN play PS1 games in a PS2, you'll need a PS1 memory card to save them.

Did mad katz make a memory card for PlayStation 1 or only for gamecube?

There is a silver mad Catz memory card for PlayStation 1 and 2 for sale on amazon used for $12.99 There is also a listing for a Platinum Mad Catz PlayStation Memory card that is no longer available

Where can one buy a cheap PlayStation 2 memory card?

You can get a cheap PlayStation 2 memory card online from Amazon for roughly $13. You can also purchase used PlayStation 2 memory cards from used game stores such as GameStop.

What is the largest size memory card for playstation 3?

There are no memory cards for the Playstation 3. Data is saved to the hard drive.

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