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A Red Eared Slider can only "procreate" (have young) with another Red Eared Slider but they have been known to "mate" (have sex) with Yellow Belly Sliders. They probably wouldn't try to mate with any other kind of turtle. But, if they were to try, it would probably be a similar species of water turtle like an Eastern Painted Turtle or a Map turtle.

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Q: Can a Red Eared Slider Turtle mate with a Eastern Painted Turtle?
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Can you cross breed turtles?

Yes, although it is very particular to family. A red eared slider and a yellow bellied slider can breed because they are both of the slider family. A eastern painted turtle and a western painted turtle can breed because they are both of the painted family, whereas a painted turtle couldn't breed with a snapping turtle because they are of totally different families.

Can a painted turtle mate with a yellow bellied slider turtle?

No, but red eared sliders can breed with yellowbellieds.

What are some kinds of turtles?

red eared slider, southern painted turtle, painted turtle, box turtle, snapping turtle, soft shell turtle, and thousandths more!

What are predators of the red eared slider turtle?

Clown Fish, they love red eared slider turtle.

Are red eared sliders compatible with eastern box turtles?

Hopefully you have a terrarium, because the box turtle is a land turtle, and the red eared slider is an aquatic turtle.

What kind of turtle is black and orange and has a smooth shell?

either a red eared slider or an eastern box turtle.

What is the cost of red eared slider turtle?

when i bought my red eared slider turtle in turtle shack.comit was$12.00.but i dont know if they are cheaper.

What kind of turtle is a slider turtle?

A slider turtle is basically like a category of turtles including the Yellow Belly Slider Turtle and the Red Eared Slider turtle.

Does a red eared slider turtle have a voice?

Do red ear slider turtle have a voice

What is a Yellow eared slider?

It is an aquatic turtle.

How can you tell when a red eared slider turtle is happy?

For info on this, visit the related link 'How to keep a red eared slider turtle happy'.

Can a red eared slider turtle regrow its tail?


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