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Yes, but this will only end badly for the woman.

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Where is a gay man who is secretly in love with straight woman?

There is probably no such thing a gay man who is secretly in love with a straight woman, except as the equivalent of a straight man's "man crush" where he really likes the woman as a friend.

Can a gay man fall in love with a straight?

Yes, it's possible, just like a straight man could fall in love with a lesbian woman.

Can a straight man fall in love with a gay man?

No, although a straight man can love a gay man as a best friend.

A man who dates a woman?

There is gay, straight, and bisexual. A man who dates a woman would be STRAIGHT.

Can a straight man ever love a woman who was once married to a gay man?

Yes, unless the man is completely shallow.

Why do gay kiss gay?

Gays kiss gays because kissing is a natural human way to express affection. When a gay man or a gay woman kisses another gay man or gay woman, it is no different than when a straight man kisses a straight woman.

Can a straight woman satisfy a gay?

If you mean a gay man, probably not. If you mean a gay woman, it's possible.

What should a woman do who is in love with a gay man?

Try to be friends with him, and find a straight/bisexual man who is capable of loving you romantically and sexually.

Can a gay man and a straight woman have a baby?

yes, same process as a straight-straight

Can a straight man love a gay man?

Yes, a straight man can possibly love a gay man as a friend, but nothing more than that because of the fact his friend is homosexual and he is heterosexual.

How would a gay guy get a straight guy interested in him?

A gay man cannot get a straight man interested him him sexually. Just as a straight woman cannot get gay man interested in her sexually. It doesn't work like that.

Can a straight man ever love a gay man?

Yes, my brother-in-law loves me, and he is straight.

Can a straight man fall in love with a woman and then turn gay?

No. No straight person can turn gay. Ever. It doesn't matter if he falls in love with a woman or a lamp post.It's simply not possible to change sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is fixed at an early age, possibly at birth.

One who does not like woman is a?

if a man doesent like woman then he is gay if a woman doesent like a woman then she is straight

How do you tell the difference between gay people and straight people?

Straight people fall in love with and prefer having sex with people of the opposite gender as in man+woman. Gay people fall in love with and prefer having sex with people of the same gender as in man+man or woman+woman. There is no way of knowing just by appearance.

Does bottoming for a gay man mean your gay?

No, you need to be attracted to men sexually to be gay. Bottoming for a gay man, a straight man or a woman can mean you like to be penetrated anally or that you will do it for money.

Is kelly a man?

Kelly Kelly is a man who thinks he is a woman or hes straight up gay.

Is it gay to for a straight man to fantasize about getting pounded in the arse by a woman with a strap on?

Absolutely not. It is only gay if he fantasizes about a man doing that.

How do you get a gay man for marry me if i am a woman?

You are pursuing a path that will inevitably cause heartache. You need to focus on a straight man. Keep the gay man as a friend.

Is it possible that men will love gay people?

If by "men" you mean straight men then yes it is entirely possible for a staight man to love a gay man or even another straight man without being gay himself. This does not mean however that the straight man suddenly becomes a gay man and neither does it indicate that the man is bisexual. It simply means that he is attracted to a certain male but is still strictly attracted to girls.

Could a gay man be sexually compatible with an extremely Butch woman?

No. A gay man is, by definition, a man who is attracted to other men. A butch woman, no matter how butch, is still a woman.However, If there is a man who seems gay and is attracted to a butch woman, he would be considered bisexual, and a bisexual or straight man could definitely be attracted to a butch woman.

What is a beard in a gay relationship?

The woman a gay man 'uses' as a girlfriend/wife in order to 'play' straight for the public.

Can a gay man have romantic feelings for a woman?

No, because that would make him Bi or Straight.

What would a gay man be like straight?

if a gay man was "like straight" he'd be like straight........

Can a gay man love a woman?

Yes, the degree in which a gay man may love the woman may vary, but yes a gay man can love a woman just like any other person. I fell in love with a Woman and was about to propose, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on how you look at it) it didn't happen. I still loved her for years later and today still hold special feelings for her, in the long run it was better that I didn't marry her. Being a Gay Man doesn't mean you can't fall in love with the opposite sex, you can't "make" your heart fall in or out of love, it happens regardless. Though in all honesty it is less common for a Gay Man to fall in LOVE with a woman, but we still love those we love.