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Yes a US citizen can sponsor for parent using the immigrant application Form I-130. Before that US citizen should file for a immigrant petition to prove relation with the alien relative.

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If an American citizen gives birth in Jamaica is the child considered an American or Jamaican citizen and will the child be able to go to America without paperwork

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Q: Can a US citizen get a green card for the father?
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What if a Green card holder marries a US citizen?

They can stay here. When a green card holder marries a US citizen, he/she gets to share the benefits enjoyed by the US citizen. The US citizen can also file in for the green card holder's citizenship application.

Can Canadian citizen apply for us green card?

how can i get a US green card, I am a Canadian citizen and are living and working in the US with a TN visa.

IF Your wife is a US citizen you have a green card can you become a US citizen?


Im born in India . My father has a green card does that mean I am a US citizen?

No, unless your father has acquired US citizenship prior to your birth, you cannot claim US citizenship by virtue of birth abroad to a US citizen.

Do you need a green card if you are a US citizen?

no Being a US Citizen entitles a person to a great number of privileges than being a green card holder. A person can become a US Citizen only after becoming a green card holder. A person should have been a green card holder for 5 yrs or 3yrs ( if married to a US citizen).Green card and then citizenship is the valid, designated route.

If you are a US citizen do you carry a green card?

No. A green card is issued to foreign nationals residing in the US.

In what states can a us citizen marry an illgal alien so he can get the green card?

Please answer in what states can a us citizen marry an illegal alien to get the green card

If you have a green card can you marry a US citizen?

Anyone can marry a US citizen, green card or not. The marriage does not automatically give any special privileges to the newly married person. The US citizen can petition for you to be permitted to apply for residency, etc. It is not necessary to be a green card holder to marry a US Citizen. It is important to stay in the US legally with proper immigration papers in order to marry a US citizen.

Do you need to carry a green card if you are a US citizen?

you dont

Does a Canadian citizen with a green card get medicare benefits in the US?


Is Rihanna a US citizen?

No, she has a green card. She was born in the Barbados.

How can you become a legal US citizen?

You have to apply for a green card or marry a U.S. Citizen

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