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Can a US citizen get a green card for the father?

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Yes a US citizen can sponsor for parent using the immigrant application Form I-130. Before that US citizen should file for a immigrant petition to prove relation with the alien relative.

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They can stay here. When a green card holder marries a US citizen, he/she gets to share the benefits enjoyed by the US citizen. The US citizen can also file in for the green card holder's citizenship application.

how can i get a US green card, I am a Canadian citizen and are living and working in the US with a TN visa.

no Being a US Citizen entitles a person to a great number of privileges than being a green card holder. A person can become a US Citizen only after becoming a green card holder. A person should have been a green card holder for 5 yrs or 3yrs ( if married to a US citizen).Green card and then citizenship is the valid, designated route.

No. A green card is issued to foreign nationals residing in the US.

No, unless your father has acquired US citizenship prior to your birth, you cannot claim US citizenship by virtue of birth abroad to a US citizen.

Please answer in what states can a us citizen marry an illegal alien to get the green card

Anyone can marry a US citizen, green card or not. The marriage does not automatically give any special privileges to the newly married person. The US citizen can petition for you to be permitted to apply for residency, etc. It is not necessary to be a green card holder to marry a US Citizen. It is important to stay in the US legally with proper immigration papers in order to marry a US citizen.

no you do not, as long as you have a birth certificate showing you were born in the United States or you have documentation that supports you have become a US citizen a green card in unnecessary.

The process to get green card can be through marriage,employment or through relative and should be petitioned for by the US citizen or green card holder spouse, employer or US citizen relative or green card holder in US respectively. Depending on the availability of the visas under the category you apply the time period to get a green card changes.

No. You do not become a US citizen by marrying one. That is for you to earn by your own abilities!

You have to apply for a green card or marry a U.S. Citizen

Yes provided you are a green card holder in the first place.Only if you have stayed continuously for minimum 5 years in US as a green card holder you are eligible to file Form N-400 to become a US citizen. If you are not a green card holder yet your wife can petition for you.

No, she has a green card. She was born in the Barbados.

Being pregnant by a US citizen won't get you a citizenship. If you are married to a US citizen and have filled for permanent resident and got your green card and after your first green card for 2 years you have to apply for your second green card, but for citizenship you can apply after 2 yrs and 9 months from first green card.

Yes, but the US citizen should sponsor his/her spouse's immigration in order for him/her to get a green card.

One may become a US citizen by getting a "Green Card".

they can get a green card which allows them to become a citizen because of marriage

As a green card holder once you are eligible to apply for US citizenship and after the oath taking when you get the naturalization certificate you need to turn in the green card.

A Canadian citizen with a green card can use their Canadian passport to exit the US and use their US green card to re-enter the US under the same status. Hope this helps.

I think that if your father was (and/or still is) a US citizen, then you are also a US citizen no matter where you were born. It should be rather easy to get an american passport in the US embassy or consulate in the phillipines for you. As for your mother, I believe that she has to apply for a US visa or "green card" based on her marriage to your father who was/is a US citizen, or thru your US citizenship if you are over 21 years old.

No- generally you have to be a citizen.

You don't actually have to have a baby if you're married to a US citizen. If married to a US citizen for 3 years, I believe you automatically have a green card. If you have a baby, I think it would be a little quicker to get the green card. It happened to my brother, then she divorced him.

If you are also a US citizen, you need to carry both passports and they should be valid.If you are a Canadian citizen and have green card, you need a valid Canadian passport with your green card.

No, you do not need a Green Card to go to Hawaii unless you are NOT a US Citizen. It is in the Union, not outside the country. It is the same as traveling from Wyoming to Colorado. If you are not a US Citizen you will need a Green Card- the same rules that apply to the mainland apply to Hawaii.

If you have a green card, or can show proof that you have applied for a green card, you may enlist in the US Army as a foreign national.

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