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It would depend on the circumstance,and the US Consul. However, they can obtain a K Spouse Visa, to come into the US to complete the resident process.Ê

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Can Nigerian passport holder with spanish resident permit need visa to visit Ecuador?

can nigerian passport holder with spanish resident permit need a visa to visit ecuador.

What did Simon Bolivar do in 1824?

He was a Venezuelan military and political leader. He lead Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, and Venezuela to independence. He also helped lay the foundations of the democracy in each country.

Are the Galapagos isles a country?

No. They are part of Ecuador.No. They are part of Ecuador.No. They are part of Ecuador.No. They are part of Ecuador.No. They are part of Ecuador.No. They are part of Ecuador.No. They are part of Ecuador.No. They are part of Ecuador.No. They are part of Ecuador.No. They are part of Ecuador.No. They are part of Ecuador.

When was same-sex marriage explicitly banned in Ecuador?

It was explicitly banned there in 2008, although it was not legal before then.

Who are historical figures of Colombia?

On Aug. 7, 1819, Simón Bolívar and his Venezuelan troops won the battle of Boyacá in Colombia. Bolívar also united Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, and Ecuador into the Republic of Greater Colombia.

What was Simon Bolivar's leader's job?

The great liberator of S. America... Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan, liberated 5 countries from Spanish rule... Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador & Bolivia whom bears his name...

Does President Rafael Correa of Ecuador support or oppose same-sex marriage?

Mr. Correa supports civil unions.

Which country is nearest the equator Guatemala or Ecuador?

Ecuador is closest. Ecuador is on the equator (that is why it is called Ecuador) , Guatemala isn't.

How do you spell Ecuador in spanish?

Ecuador in Spanish is Ecuador.

Where does the Ecuador get its name?

In the Republic of Ecuador.... Ecuador translates as Equator. Ecuador sits right on the Earth's equator.

What is a historical event that happened in Ecuador and also what is an interesting event that happened in Ecuador and What are facts about Ecuador.?

Peru tried to conquer Ecuador but Ecuador won although Ecuador lost much land.

Continent of ecuador?

Ecuador, or the Republic of Ecuador, is located on the South American continent.

What is Ecuador pledge?

The pledge of ecuador?

What continent is Ecuador in?

Ecuador is in South America.Ecuador is a country in South America.The country of Ecuador is located on the continent of South America.

How do you say map of Ecuador in Spanish?

map of Ecuador: un mapa de Ecuador.

How often does Ecuador have an election?

How many years is it held in ecuador dummies i need ecuador not these  

Does the equator go through Ecuador or at Ecuador border?

yes it goes through ecuador

What country is nearest to the Equator Guatemala or Ecuador?

Ecuador, the name Ecuador is Spanish for "Equator" because the equator runs directly through Ecuador

What is Ecuador in Spanish?

Ecuador is Spanish for equator.

What is abbreviation for Ecuador?

Abbreviation for Ecuador: EC

What is the real name of Ecuador?

the Republic of Ecuador

What country is Ecuador in?

Ecuador is a country in Africa.

Is Ecuador in Africa?

No. Ecuador is in South America.

What is Ecuador plant life?

plants in ecuador

Is Ecuador a city or town?

Ecuador is a country.