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From what I understand, you can't marry anyone who is already married (unless they divorce their current partner or become a widow)

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Q: Can a US citizen marry an illegal Mexican who still married of her illegal Mexican husband?
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How does an illegal Mexican get a green card if married to an US citizen?

Lie about ur wife say she is mexican too

I am an illegal immigrant and want to change my last name to my husband's who is a citizen?

If he is your husband legally you can take on his name when you got married.

How does travel work if my Mexican fiance doesn't want to be a citizen when we get married Will I become a Mexican citizen?

No you will not become a Mexican citizen but you will have Mexican recidency. Your fiancee can have the option to apply for citizenship later on if she wants.

Can a illegal that has been deported marry a us citizen an be able to get papers?

Answeryes but it would take time Yes, an illegal immigrant can get married with an United States citzen even though he doesn't have papers to be in the United States. All he needs to do is to obtain a Mexican Passport at the nearest Mexican Consulate and take this with you when you obtain your marriage license. My husband and I had gotten married on the same day. However, I will advise that you carefully consider the consequences and take the advice of someone who has done this. Unless you are willing to reside in Mexico, don't get married!! After nearly 8 years of being married, my husband still cannot obtain permanent residency even though he had returned to his country while I went throught the entire two year process, not to mention a costly one, of petitioning for his return only to be denied.

Can an illegal Mexican get married in NC?

Yes, an illegal Mexican can get married in the state of North Carolina. They will need to show a photo ID and a birth certificate.

My husband is illegal and you are pregnant if he has no criminal history may he stay here?

My being pregnant, as unlikely as that might be, has no bearing on your husband's citizenship. If you are a citizen and you married him he won't be deported until you kick him to the curb.

Does an illegal Mexican have rights to his child in the US even if the American girl and illegal Mexican aren't married what rights does he have to the child?

Yes he does, such as custody, visitation and support issues. As for immigration, having a citizen child is no basis to get legal residency (at least not until the child is 21)

If a us citizen married a Mexican citizen in Mexico can they get citizenship?

No. Neither will automatically become citizen of the other country.

Is there a problem to get a us citizenship if you married to an illegal Mexican?


If you marry a Mexican citizen would he become a citizen then or would he have to take the test to become a US citizen?

IF YOU MARRY A MEXICAN, HE DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY BECOME AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. THE ONLY THING THAT MARRAIGE ESTABLISHES WHEN YOU MARRY A MEXICAN IS PERMANENT RESIDENT ALIEN STATUS FOR HIM. HE CAN ONLY KEEP THIS IF YOU REMAIN MARRIED FOR A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF YEARS. IF HE WISHES TO BECOME A CITIZEN, HE MUST TAKE THE TEST AND PASS. I married an illegal Mexican immigrant and I was told by an immigration officer that he can be deported until we have been approved for a visa number, but that some immigration officers will be lenient if the immigrant has papers with him showing that the process is underway.

How do you get out of a marriage to a woman who is stil married to their first husband?

If she is still married to her 1st husband then her second marriage to you is illegal and you are NOT married.

Your husband is living with an illegal immigrant but she married somebody else to get permanent status what should you do?

If the immigrant married a US citizen, then that's a done deal and she is no longer illegal. It sounds like you need to take care of your own affairs, starting with divorce proceedings.