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Can a West Virginia notary notarize an Ohio Durable Power of Attorney papers?


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The authority to notarize is granted by the state. If the documents are signed in West Virginia, the notary can notarize them.

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A notary can notarize any signature. Where they work and what the signature is on does not matter.

If the attorney is a notary they can. You have to be a licensed notary in addition to being an attorney.

That's the purpose of being a notary. They notarize documents verifying that the individual actually signed it in front of them. And they validate that they are who they said they are. Yes a notary will notarize a Power of Attorney.

To notarize a document you must be a notary public. This requires an application and getting bonded from an insurance company. An attorney can be a notary public and can notarize documents. If, however, the document was prepared by the attorney or is for clients of an attorney it is probably best to get a different notary so there is no appearance of impropriety.

Yes they can, they can' notarize their own personally.

Notaries do not notarize documents. They notarize signatures, and they are only permitted in the state by which they are licensed. It does not matter what the document is. If the document is signed in Pennsylvania in the presence of a Pennsylvania notary, that notary can notarize the signature. If the document is signed in any other state, or outside of the presence of the notary, the notary cannot notarize the signature.

If you are a notary, yes, you can notarize a document. The specifics will be in your state's notary statute.

A notary can notarize a family members documents. The notary has to be aware that they will be held accountable for their actions.

Can a Virginia Notary notarize a document that is to be recorded in another state if the document is signed and notarized in Virginia?

A notary public. Usually the bank that you do business with will notarize a document for no charge.

Yes, if he/she is a notary public.

A notary does the notarization of a document. An attorney may be a notary, but it is not automatic.

It is important that the notary is not related in any way to the client.

A Commissioner of Deeds is a Notary. So, the answer is Yes.

no a notary can't notarize their own signature

This question could be interpreted 2 ways: 1.) Does power of attorney give you the right to notarize a document on behalf of a notary? No, a notary is someone that is licensed from the State to witness forms. 2.) Can you use a power of attorney form to notarize a document? No, you need a notary form. (see link below to free notary form)

If the documents are signed in Kentucky. Otherwise you need to find a notary in Ohio.

A notary public does not notarize a document. He/she can notarize a signature.

A New York notary can notarize anything executed in New York. They cannot do so in another state.

Notaries don't notarize documents. They notarize signatures. So long as the signature occurs in the presence of the notary in the state by which the notary is licensed, they may notarize the signature.

As long as the Notary is acting WITHIN their state of responsibility (in this case the document was being signed IN Virginia) it is legal and proper.

Yes, not only does a notary need to sign and seal the power of attorney form, but in California the notary needs to authorize a notary addendum.

No. A notary cannot notarize his or her own signature.

If they are a notary in Florida. Notaries can only notarize in the state where they were authorized.

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