Can a apt building owner live in a different rent stable apt he does not own pretty much someone owns a rent stable apt building but lives in a different building he does not own and its rent stable?

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How do you rent to own a home?

If you are considering getting a rent to ownhome, it is important that you have realistic expectations. Youshould not expect to be able to take advantage of the many dealsthat are on the market. Homeowners are willing to sell at steepdiscounts in order to get cash today. If you do not have cash orth ( Full Answer )

What is rent to own?

Answer . "Rent to own" is when you rent an condo/house, and they give you the option to buy it after you rent it for the term of the lease. They will usually give you like 10 to 20 percent of the total amount of money you paid in rent of the lease term, to take off the total cost of the condo/hou ( Full Answer )

Synonym for Rent to Own?

The legal synonym of "Rent to Own" is "Lease with Option to Purchase". It is a contract or agreement between a property owner and a lessor/buyer to lease a property for a certain period of time, after which the lessor/buyer has the option to purchase the property.

How can you rent to own?

This is usually set up long before one takes occupancy of a place or takes possession of a car. If it is so, then most (if not all) you pay in rent every month may apply to the total purchase price.

If a not-for-profit organization leaves a storage building on private property in KY for 8 years without paying any rent who owns the building--the organization or the property owner?

It probably does NOT matter whether the building is from a non-profit organization or not. The main issues seem to be: A) WHether or not you notified the landowner that you were leaving something on their property. B) Whether or not they agreed to it and C) How long the agreement stipulates ( Full Answer )

If someone leaves a storage building on private property for 8 years pays no rent and then decides they want to move the building who owns it--the property owner or the building owner?

Good question. It sounds like something a law professor might ask on an exam.. Who really owns the building now?. How did the building get there in the first place?. If there was no agreement or understanding of any kind when the building was left behind, would the building now be deemed to have ( Full Answer )

What are rent to own homes?

The owner is willing to sell with no down payment, but the title will remain in his name until you find a bank that will provide a loan. Usually, a small portion of your monthly rent will apply to the purchase of the house. This can be a good deal if property values are going up and you can lock in ( Full Answer )

You rented an apt in nyc lived there for 15 yrs moved and kept office in apt landlord did not renew your lease can you get the rent you paid back while i operated an office?

you may want to talk to your landlord about that. give him/her 5 days and then press federral charges against this person.. thnx.. you may want to talk to your landlord about that. give him/her 5 days and then press federral charges against this person.. thnx.. mxm_rox63@ya ( Full Answer )

How does rent to own work?

Renters pay a particular amount of money for usually around 3 years. At the end of that period of time, the renter has the option to decide whether or not they want to purchase the house. The rent until that time goes toward the potential down payment.

Does your son have to have his own room when you have a one bedroom apt?

yes i sleep in the living room.. i am a single married mom for now with fixed income and being told that my son has to have his own room at a certain age, which he will be 3 soon, and that is the age he has to be in his own room, so do i get a two bedroom soon?

Can you build your own Stable?

Yes you can if you have a large enough building you have to go in and get a permit ect. but yes you can make your own stable.

If you are in illegal apt and suffer personal injury do to mold and mildew in the apt i just found that apt was illegal in court can i sue my landlord for return of some of my rent?

Uncertain what the questioner means by "illegal" apartment. If the place you were living was not licensed as an apartment/boarding house/rooming house the landlord can probably be charged criminally for operating an un-licensed establishment. You may have no choice but to sue this person in civil co ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of owning a home compared to renting a place to live?

Monthly mortgage payments may be more expensive than rent. However, the cost is fixed and will not go up. Part of the money will become equity in your ownership of the home. Residents of a rental cannot alter their living space without permission. Both options, renting or buying, may offer fle ( Full Answer )

If I paid rent can the landlord change the locks and not let me in the apt and not give me my money back?

If you have a legitimately signed and current lease with the landlord, and you weren't behind in your rent or had some other violation which broke the lease, and, assuming you haven't omitted any critical information (especially from that of the landlord's point-of-view), then, technically speaking, ( Full Answer )

How to divide the rent with three people in 2 bedroom apt?

Answer . This is entirely up to the tenants, though it would be usual for the person who has a room to him/herself to pay slightly more because of privacy. Of course, if the two sharing a room were a couple, all would pay the same. The difference would be based solely on privacy as utilities sho ( Full Answer )

On tribal wars how do you build a stable?

You can build a stable in your Village Headquarters. However, you'll need to satisfy certain requirements before you can do so. A level 10 Village HQ, a level 5 Smithy, and a level 5 Barracks will allow you to do so. In order to get all of the available horse units you'll need to upgrade you stable ( Full Answer )

How much do renting stables cost a month?

Renting a horse stable usually on average cost around $200 dollars ,if not more.Depends on the barn stables and the features and qualities that come with it.

Is rented building fixed asset?

A rented building is not an asset. The lease hold improvements may be a depreciating asset (depending on the definitions in your area)

Where in Dallas Oregon can a felon rent an apt?

Well as a former resident, I figure that you are more likely to find a place in Dallas, close to the center of town, near the courthouse. There are apartments above a number of the downtown businesses that are pretty nice. My first apartment was right across from the courthouse, on the north side, b ( Full Answer )

Why would you build horse stables?

The only reason I can think of is to house a horse(s). Stables are expensive to build so you would not build one just for storage or an extra garage.

How do you start your own horse stable?

There are many things to consider when thinking of setting up an equine facility. First and formost you need land. Your land has to be in an area that will allow a horse business. Check with your county code agency. You will need a barn or a mare motel at least. Good fencing that is safe for horses ( Full Answer )

Why should a building structure be stable?

A building structure should be stable because if it wasn't it could be a big danger to others. If a structure wasn't stable then it could collapse and injure those inside and maybe outside.

Where can felons find apts for rent Utah?

i and my wife are both felons. we met in the halfway house and have been together and crime free ever since. we have a 9 month old baby boy. i work full time, i make enough so my wife can be a stay at home mom and raise our children. we have been finding it impossible to find a place that will rent ( Full Answer )

What exactly are homes for rent to own?

Homes that you rent to own are when you start off with just paying rent, not having to worry about falling behind on a mortgage. Eventually, as you become more secure, you switch over until you are paying a mortgage for the home.

Do condo owners have to own a business to rent their condo?

In a word, no. More Detail The association that operates the community, however, is a business, and may dictate your ability to rent, the covenants, limitations, restrictions and so forth that you must impose on any tenant, and otherwise apply business-like guidelines to your rental situation. ( Full Answer )

Can you rent a modular building in Florida?

"No you cannot rent a modular building in Florida. The state of Florida is made of sand, this sand is not compact enough to be bale to hold the weight of such a building."

Who owns the mobile home you rent?

It is likely the person to whom you make your payments or if it is a mobile home park, you should inquire at the rental office. It is likely the person to whom you make your payments or if it is a mobile home park, you should inquire at the rental office. It is likely the person to whom you make y ( Full Answer )

Is rent to own advisable for a seller?

If you want to sell it is an option. You collect the regular rent plus $200 more a month if they want to buy. All terms are agreed on before the contract begins and in the contract it will be desided who pays for repairs and when a balloon payment is due. At that time the 200 a month extra they have ( Full Answer )

Will section 8 pay for apt owned by relative?

No, it will not, in most cases. The only exception would be if the voucher holder is disabled and must live with relatives who can take care of them.

What province has the most affordable apts for rent?

Data shows that the cheapest province to buy real estate in Canada is New Brunswick. As the prices charged by the rental market are closely linked to house prices, rents here will be affordable.

Where can I find homes to rent to own?

Aside from the internet,Your local newspaper will also contain Realty ad's with contact information for any homes which might interest you.Some homes will also have Realty signs next to them if you drive by them. Those signs will contain Realtor information as well.

How do apts for rent become available at a good price range?

Apartments for rent are typically available after someone moves to a different place. You can check periodicals for apartments that are in the price range you need, or go to an apartment rental website for further control of price ranges and options. Some advertisements that are available are "For R ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay rent if the apt is unusable due to no available electricity?

Generally speaking any time you stay in a dwelling in consideration for the amount of rent per month paid to the landlord, you are required to pay rent for it. In cases like this, where there is no is available electricity, the apartment is considered uninhabitable. If this is the case then the tena ( Full Answer )

How can a person rent to own houses?

A person can rent to own houses, by renting a home or domicile for a certain period of years, paying off the value of the home in payment installments in a predetermined time. Once the entire value of the home has been off, ownership is transferred.

How can someone build his own site?

There are a number of sites that offer individuals to build their on websites. Some companies you may be interested in include Go Daddy and The Site Wizard.

How can someone build his own webpage?

There are many companies on the internet where one could build their own webpages.The most common automatic website creators on the internet include 1 & 1, SimpleSite, and Homestead.It is easy to create websites from the above companies as it does the hard stuff for u, just pick a template and off y ( Full Answer )

Who owns your rented house?

The easiest way to find out who owns a house is to do an onlinesearch for your county's tax assesor. Most counties have an onlinedatabase that will allow you to search by entering your address.The results will show you who owns the home that you are renting.

How do you rent a building?

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