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Well, I'm not too sure why you'd be feeding your baby toilet paper, but no toilet paper can not kill your baby, it may just make it sick. Cellulose or plant fiber is the main ingredient of toilet paper. It cannot be digested by humans but in small quantities should pass with no problems. It is the pulp that is found in fibrous plants. Any vomiting, constipation, abdominal distention, or abdominal pain warrants a trip to the ER. Just want to add that your baby will have at least 3 - 4 years of putting things into their mouths or up their nose! LOL The worst time is teething time and babies love to feel of certain things on their sore gums. Toilet paper (a small bit) should be fine and pass through the digestive system as the above poster stated. Get baby proof bars for the lower cupboard doors where you keep your cleaners and the bathroom is the worst place that you have to keep your baby out of. If you phone your poison control they will give you a pamphlet of what to do if your baby should ingest anything poisonous until the ambulance gets there. Watch your baby out in the backyard during playtime. My girlfriend years ago had her son out in the backyard and he ate half a slug! Because people here in B.C. put slug bait out I was worried this slug could have crawled through some of it so I got her to give her son a little milk (to coat his stomach and contain the contents for a short time) and to put the the other half of the slug in a jar and phoned I phoned the ambulance. Thankfully everything was just fine.

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Is it safe to eat toilet paper?

Not unless you are from the unknown species Homo aegagrus :Toilet Paper is made up of a compound known as Cellulose. Which, as many may know, is an essential component of plant cell. Only Goats and other ruminants can digest Toilet paper because they have an enzyme cellulase which helps them to digest it.

Can you digest toilet paper?

I think it's possible to digest paper.I've never tried it,but still......I think itit is Possible that you can,because I think you can digest normal plain white paper.So.....

How many varieties of toilet paper should I use?

Usually, most people will only use one type of toilet paper and then maybe a baby wipe as well. You will have to find the toilet paper that is right for you.

Can eating toilet paper be harmful to an unborn baby?


Why can't you flush baby wipes down the toilet?

Most baby wipes will not dissolve the way toilet paper will. It can cause blockages in the plumbing.

Is it harmful for a baby to eat toilet paper?

It should pass harmlessly.

Is toilet paper paper?

Yes toilet paper is paper

Is all recycled toilet paper made from used toilet paper?

Recycled toilet paper is made from used paper. It isn't made from used toilet paper. That would be gross.

What is in toilet paper that makes it decomposes so easily?

toilet "paper" the answer is paper.

How do you dispose of a baby wipe can it be flushed down the toilet?

You throw it in the dirtbin/dustbin/waste bin. Whatever you call it depending where you live. Do not put anything down your toilet other than toilet paper, i am repeating myself now, DO NOT put anything down the toilet other than toilet paper.

What makes toilet paper stronger?

The fact that it is paper for a toilet

What is the chemical structure of toilet paper?

Toilet paper is cellulose.

Is toilet paper a solid?

yes toilet paper is a solid.

Is it true the thicker the toilet paper the better chance you will have clogging your toilet?

No thick toilet paper is not responsible for clogging the toilet, Toilet paper of any thickness is designed to flush away.

Is toilet paper biodegradable?

Yes, all toilet paper is biodegradable.

How do you say toilet paper in Japanese?

Toilet paper is phirigami in Japanese.

How do you make a toilet paper roll rollacoster that has no toilet paper?

yes,you can

What did Eskimos use for toilet paper before there was toilet paper?


What kind of adhesive do they use in toilet paper?

There is no adhesive in toilet paper.

Should you flush your toilet paper or throw it in the basket?

flushing ones toilet paper depends on the grade, you shouldn't be throwing heavy or very course toilet paper into the toilet as it causes blockages. keep to thin toilet paper for when actually using the toilet and use the heavier and courser toilet paper for when drying your hands and put it into the basket.

What is toilet paper for?

Toilet paper is used for cleansing one's behind when they have finished defecating on the toilet/loo.

What are your favorite toilet paper coupons?

There are many toilet paper coupons that are available. I prefer to get any type of coupon that is for scott toilet paper.

What happens if you eat toilet paper?

It's like eating paper- it's not good for you, but you won't die. if you eat toilet paper it will do nothing to you but do not eat toilet paper.

How do you clog a toilet?

By putting a lot of toilet paper in the toilet.

What toilet paper commercial did a woman fall on toilet paper?

It was the Cocacola commercial