Can a baby survives at 34 weeks?

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Viability is usually said to be between 26 and 28 weeks.

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Q: Can a baby survives at 34 weeks?
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If you are 34 weeks and 4cm 80 how long before you have your baby?

If your cervix is really 4cm dilated (not sure what the 80 is) at 34 weeks you should be at the hospital as your baby could be born anytime and at 34 weeks your baby will be pre-term and need extra support.

Baby is descending at 34 weeks does that mean birth is near?

A woman usually carries a baby for 9 months (or approx 40 weeks). It is not unusually for a baby to be born at 34 weeks, but if you are only 34 weeks gone and you are in labour then you should go to the doctor/hospital immediately, as there could be complications and/or the baby's organs may not have developed enough.

How much of a survival chance does a baby of 34 weeks have?

According to resent statistics, A baby of either sex at 34 weeks gestation has about an 85 - 90 % chance of survival.

Baby dropped at 34 weeks is labor near?


Can a baby survive if born at 34 to 36 weeks?


Are babies lungs developed at 34 weeks gestation?

Yes. Here is a picture of what your baby looks like at 34 weeks.

Is a sonagram more accurate at 18 weeks or 34 weeks?

both are.. but at 34 weeks the baby is bigger and at 18 weeks the baby is moving and turning inside your stomach and its beautiful to be able to see it and you can also see what you are having at 18 weeks if the baby legs aren't close together...congrat and best of luck

If the baby engages before 34 weeks is this an indication that the baby may arrive earlier that the EDD?

No this is not a sign of the baby arriving before the EDD, baby's normally engage around 34 weeks ready for the EDD but you must always consult your midwife if you have any concers.

How much does a baby weight at 34 weeks pregnant?

Approximately 5 pounds.

How many weeks from 1 June 2011 till 31 January 2012?

34 weeks and 6 days.34 weeks and 6 days.34 weeks and 6 days.34 weeks and 6 days.34 weeks and 6 days.34 weeks and 6 days.34 weeks and 6 days.34 weeks and 6 days.34 weeks and 6 days.34 weeks and 6 days.34 weeks and 6 days.

34 weeks pregnant feel and see pulsing on your stomach?

its your baby moving around!!

What should the fetus weigh at 34 weeks?

If you are 34 weeks pregnant,your baby should be around 5 to 6 pounds and gaining at a rate of 1/2 ounce a day.

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