Can a boat float without a top?

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Can you float without magic?

yes,get a boat without leaks. yes , you can

How do you make metal float but not on water?

I can make a iron nail float. Simply melt some lead and the iron will float on top of the lead. Your question seems to be with regard to how do Boats float and the answer is Bouyancy. The Boat displaces a volume of water and if the weight of the displaced water is less than the weight of the boat, the boat will float.

How doboats float without sinking?

Because the mass of the boat is less than the mass of water the boat displaces.

Will a boat float on liquid soap?

Yes the boat will float on liquid soap

How can a boat float and don't sink?

because the boat is made out of stuff that can float

What is a boat that can float on water?

wow that's sad a boat that can float is any tye of boat that doesnt have a hole in it

What is the procedure for a boat help it to float in water?

procedure for help boat float in water

What can float in the water?

A boat can float on the water, and a submarine can float in the water.

How can you make a ball of clay float?

by making a boat and that way a boat can float anytime in water

Why wont a paper boat float on normal water?

Because a paper boat does not have balance to float

What paper boat floats the longest?

The paper boat with the largest volume will float the longest basically the largest paper boat will float the longest.

Can aluminum float?

Normally, no but it can be made into a boat shape which will float

What can you make a boat out of that will float?

anything you want that can float. You can be creative.

What is the key to making a boat float?

The key to make a boat float is that the boat should weigh less (or have less mass) than the water it displaces.

Why should a boat made of metal float?

The size of the boat is equal to the water displaced by the boat. This means, if the boat is bigger then its weight, the boat will float. If the boat is smaller than its weight, it sinks. This is why metal ships are so big.

How do you use buoyancy?

Buoyancy is what keeps a boat floating on the top of the water. Buoyancy is what makes a helium balloon float in the air.

What are the release dates for Float Your Boat - 2015?

Float Your Boat - 2015 was released on: USA: January 2015 (limited)

What makes boats float on water?

Bouyancy is what makes a boat float

Fal-bottomed boat used to float goods and passengers downriver?

A flat boat is a flat-bottomed boat used to float goods and passengers downriver.

How do you float an ATV?

put it in a boat

How does an iron boat float?


Why paper boat float on water?


Can flamingos float?

only if there in a boat.

How does a huge boat float?

in water

What country rhymes with boat?


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