Can a body piercing prevent you from getting a job?

Getting a Job with Piercings and Tattoos

Yes, especially in professional work envirionment. It also depends where the piercing is located and how obvious the piercing is. Anything on the face is most defiantley a No, but others is a don't as don't tell policy.


The sad truth is yes. Although it should be considered discrimination, many companies will not allow people they employ to sport piercings or tattoos. However, most places will tell you in the interview if you have a piercing or tattoo that it needs to be taken out or covered while working. You can get clear or flesh toned jewelry that basically just keeps your piercing from closing. When it comes down to it, if a company is deciding between two applicants, and one is visibly tattooed or pierced, they will most likely go for the non-tattooed and unpierced applicant.


Sometimes But Its Best To Get Retainers Or Hide Aways For Them Before The Job Interview.