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Will a misdemeanor of public intoxication keep you from getting a job in Tennessee?


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A misdemeanor of public intoxication could prevent a person from getting a job in Tennessee. The choice to overlook the charge depends on the policy of the company.

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It is public intoxication type C1 is under misdemeanor C

Misdemeanor offense, usually an ordnance violation.

Public Intoxication is a misdemeanor offense, but it will remain a permanent part of your criminal history record if it occurred after your 18th birthday.

It may be harder for that teacher to be hired, but not impossible.

A simple misdemeanor is a charge for a lesser crime. Some examples of misdemeanor include petty theft, prostitution, public intoxication, and reckless driving.

Public intoxication is a minor misdemeanor but a crime nonetheless. If it occurred after your 18th birthday it WILL show up on your record.

Indecent exposure, petty theft, indecent exposure, public intoxication, trespassing.

I saw it happen last Saturday. $235.00 and it is a minor misdemeanor.

Yes, public intoxication is a Class C Misdemeanor (same category as a speeding ticket), except it looks worse on your record. It is punishable by a fine of up to $500 and usually requires 4-12 hours in jail at the time of the incident.

An example of a misdemeanor is public intoxication and other lesser crimes. Misdemeanors are usually non-violet crimes such as petty theft or prostitution.

Public Intoxication; it's a misdemeanor charge

Public Intoxication, also known as Public Drunkenness or simply Drunk In Public - etc - etc - is customarily a misdemeanor, public nuisance charge. You are usually held until you sober up and are either released on a summons to appear, or you may be given the option to pay your fine and leave.

Probably. It is a minor misdemeanor but you will have to go through the process of expungement in order to remove it.

Yes, although it is a relatively minor misdemeanor, it is a criminal offense, and your criminal history is a permanent record.

Depends on what you have been arrested for. If you are a convicted felon or have been convicted of a violent misdemeanor or have a restraining order then no. If you have a misdemeanor such as DUI or public intoxication then yes

What is the fines for public intoxication in south Carolina

Public intoxication generally doesn't involve a vehicle: DUI or OUI (operating under influence) does. Public intoxication, or disorderly intoxication is the act of presenting oneself in an intoxicated, disorderly manner.

In the state of Utah, public intoxication is a Class C misdemeanor. You can receive a 90 day jail term and ticket with a fine amount of up to $750.

Both are minor misdemeanor charges unless there was useable residue on the paraphernalia. Then it would depend on the laws of your particular state what the charge might be.

Depends on who's employing you. Usually not, unless you have a continuing record of such problems.

Of course. A hospital is a public location.

yes, for public intoxication

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