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Can a bumblebee fly with one wing?

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Nothing can fly without a complete wing or set of wings. Balance would be off primarily.

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Can a plane fly with one wing?

>No it cannot fly with one wing. UNLESS the aircraft's body actually produces sufficient lift, such as a "flying wing" aircraft

Can an airplane fly with one wing?


Can a butterfly fly with one wing?


How fast does a bumblebee bat fly?


What are the release dates for Fly Like a Bumblebee - 2014?

Fly Like a Bumblebee - 2014 was released on: USA: 1 May 2014 (limited)

Can violet parrot fly with one wing?

No bird can fly with only 1 wing, they need both to lift themselves into the air

Can a dove fly with one wing?

No. A pigeon requires two wings to fly.

Does bumblebee and blitz wing share the same voice actor?


What is a bumblebee?

A bumblebee is a physics anomaly that is able to fly when by its very design it should not. The Bumblebee is a large passive hairy bee that lives in small colonies underground.

Can a bird fly with a broken wing?

No, bird can not fly with a broken wing.

How would one describe a biplane?

One would describe a biplane as a wing that can be used as a fixed wing for an aircraft, this has two wings that used biplane design to fly the aircraft one after the other. The other biplane in biology is a wing of some animals that can fly.

Can birds fly with a limp wing?

Yes, an Eagle can fly with a limp wing. You should know, it is the law to fly.

Can an airplane fly with one wing and a propeller?

Usually not, but it would depend on the airplane, the pilot, and what you mean by "fly".

How fast can a bumblebee bat fly?

15 miles per hour

If you touch a butterflies wings will they fly again?

It depends how you touch the wing. If you break or injure the fragile wing then obviously it won't fly. If you just prod the wing gently then yes it will fly.

How far does a model rocket fly with out one wing?

Not very far at all.

Can a bird fly with one wing?

only some birds but very few

What do call a fly with one wing and two noses?


What to do with a tangled wing dragon-fly?


Wing that you fly with in Welsh?

Aden, a wing; adenydd , wings.

About how many animals live in the grassland area?

one animal and the main animal is a bumblebee. one animal and the main animal is a bumblebee. one animal and the main animal is a bumblebee.

Can penguins fly?

No, penguins cannot fly. Their wing structures are evolved for swimming.No. They are one of the birds with feathers and wings who do not fly. They swim. Poor penguins.

What does it take to fly an airplane?

Because if you only have one wing it's not gona be balanced!

What does a hearing with one wing represent?

it means you can only hear with one ear like a wing theres two wings on each side if a bird hurts its wing it cant fly if some one cant hear then they are only hearing with one ear

What is the function of the a chickens wing?

To fly.