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IF the loan is perfected, it can be repossessed. If you have signed a loan contract with the vehicle specified as collateral for that loan, it can be reepossessed if the loan is in default.


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The length of time that a car payment can be late without being repossessed will depend on the bank or car dealers agreements. Payments made after a month may be in jeopardy of being repossessed.

The only way to hide a car in Georgia if facing being repossessed is by filing chapter 13. If you have filed for chapter 13 it is legally ok to hide your car from being repossessed.

Yes. When the vehicle is repossessed it no longer belongs to you and there is no requirement to tell you where it will be stored.

She will have to "quit-claim", come off the title of the home. An attorney will do this for you. But as soon as you refinance, she can be placed back on the title.

The local police or the lender can tell you who has the car.

In every state, being 18 makes you an adult, meaning that you can get married without parental consent anywhere in the US, including California.

It depends on the reasons the car was repossessed and what the local laws are. If the car is being held as evidence or to be processed for evidence, it can be held as long as it is needed.

Contact the lender who repossessed the car. You will have to make up all back payments and pay all fees associated with the actual repossession. is a site where you can bid on those cars that have been repossessed. It offers a wide range of of models and locations of where the vehicles are being listed.

No one can take money out of your account without a court order. The exception being payments to the bank itself for administration purposes or penalties. These, however, would be set out in the initial contract.

The leaf was placed in alcohol wafter being placed in the boiling water to extract the green pigment from the leaf.

Yes. A few states allow it. California being one.

yes, if it's being repossessed, it is the banks property.

It can be. but generally wont be unless its your first payment.

This is in reference to a vehicle being repossessed, usually due to non-payment.

In most states, you can trade in the vehicle without it being registered. However, you do need a TITLE to prove that you own the vehicle.

Nothing will happen to a person if they hid a motorcycle that is being repossessed. Eventually, the company that is trying to repossess will either give up or find you. They will use all tools at their disposal depending how much is owed at the time.

Online payments must go to a bank account. Using a routing number for the bank being used and the account for which it is being placed.

None that I know of. i have saw cars being repoed after 3 years of being hunted.

The best way is not to fall behind with your payments.

Yes, the two issues have nothing to do with each other.

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