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IF the loan is perfected, it can be repossessed. If you have signed a loan contract with the vehicle specified as collateral for that loan, it can be reepossessed if the loan is in default.

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2005-05-19 12:50:28
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Q: Can a car be repossessed in California without a lien being placed on the title?
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Your car was repossessed and is now parked in a public place can you take it back?

Not without being a car thief.

How many days late on car payment before it can be repo?

The length of time that a car payment can be late without being repossessed will depend on the bank or car dealers agreements. Payments made after a month may be in jeopardy of being repossessed.

What is Georgia law against hiding car from being repossessed?

The only way to hide a car in Georgia if facing being repossessed is by filing chapter 13. If you have filed for chapter 13 it is legally ok to hide your car from being repossessed.

Does a divorce decree keep a car from being repossessed?


Can a repossession agent take a car without telling you where it's being held?

Yes. When the vehicle is repossessed it no longer belongs to you and there is no requirement to tell you where it will be stored.

Do the police know that your car is being repossessed?

Generally speaking, no.

Can your car get repossessed while being serviced at a dealership?

Yes it can.

Can a husband refinance a house in California without his wife being involved in the payment of the loan but still stay on the title?

She will have to "quit-claim", come off the title of the home. An attorney will do this for you. But as soon as you refinance, she can be placed back on the title.

Can your car be repossessed before being 90 days late?


Can you file for bankruptcy after 3 years of car being repossessed?


Can a car company withhold the title after recovering your car from being repossessed and then take the car two weeks after you are discharged from chapter 13 without giving you a chance to pay?


In California how long can a person remain under arrest without being arraigned?

72 hours

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