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Yes it can.

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Q: Can your car get repossessed while being serviced at a dealership?
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Can a car be repossessed in a mechanic garage while being fixed in the state of south carolina?

hell no

Does a car dealership have liability for your car being broken into while in their shop for repairs?

yes their insurance covers it

Can my car be repossessed while its parked in my yard in Virginia?

Yes, repossessions can (and often do) occur on private property. There are limitations imposed on the recovery agents, and they know how to plan accordingly. IMO, better that car (which is actually the lien holder's, which is why it can be repossessed in the first place) be repossessed while you're at home than while you're out in public somewhere and left stranded.

If your car is damaged while it is being repossessed who is liable for the damages the loan company or the repossession company?

The LENDER is responsible for every detail of a repossession. They may pass the costs of repair on to the repo company.

What does it mean when your car growls while idling?

A) It needs to be serviced. B) An animal in your trunk is uneasy when the engine idles.

Is your big rig going to be repossessed?

I sold mine off a while ago, so I don't have to worry about that.

Who is responsible when engine blows while test driving a used car from a dealership?


If a tow truck tows your car from your home while it is legally parked and there are damages loss of work and loss of sale of the vehicle can i be compensated for all monies lost?

Depends on why it was towed. If it was being repossessed, you're not going to recover anything.

Can you get your car back if it was repossessed while the check was in the mail?

If you get the account current. Call the lender and ask. They will be the final answer on the subject.

Can a car be repossessed while at a body shop after repairs are completed?

Anytime, anyplace, as long as it does not create a breach of the peace.

What rights does a person have when personal items go missing from a repossessed vehicle?

First, you have the burden of proof it was in the vehicle. This is nearly impossible unless you have photos of it in there as they took it. Judges are not sympathetic to those repossessed as there are so many who claim valuables lost while in impound or when repossessed. You will likely not be paid anything. Sorry, but the way the cookie crumbles.

Can a car be repossessed while on church property while someone is attending a service?

Hail Brother Christian Well Met! The answer is YES - my question is WHY would you even think otherwise?