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Yes it can be returned. However, what will happen is the dealership will insist they have their technicians look over the engine and run a computer diagnostic check depending on what type of engine issues you are having and, Chances are, they will 'not find anything wrong with the engine.' In this case, you insist they look over the car again and keep bringing it back to the dealer. Once you keep records, under the lemon law, you can send in a complaint This could be a simple fix depending on what type of engine problems. A friend of mine had a brand new car and after having major issues with the engine, had it returned and exchanged for another car. Hope this helps


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Sure you can change engines, but the question is, should you? IMO, that answer is NO! If you want a Dakota with a larger engine, then sell this one and purchase a different truck. You will more than likely be money ahead, and avoid all the problems of an engine swap.

Too late, unless it's still covered under warranty from the dealership. It would be hard to prove that it was the dealer's fault, or that they willingly sold you a car with a bumm engine.

Need to know what type engine are you asking about, a newer VW? You can call a VW dealership and get an answer.

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