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Give your local dealership a ring and quote the engine number. They'll know.

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Could be a blown head gasket or one of your mates is playing tricks on you. Is there any water in the engine oil, it will be a creamy white sort of colour. If you have access to a exhaust gas analyser stick the sniffer in the radiator just above the water when it is hot. If it picks up exhaust gases you have a blown head gasket.

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They are cars that, instead of just having a gasoline-powered engine, have some sort of combination of combustion engine and electric motor.

Your question is sort of backwards, perhaps you meant what causes engine failure? Engine failure causes...the engine to fail. If someone told me their engine failed I would take it to mean that it stopped running, or wouldn't start.

One possible place in case you cant find something that will work is to check out Advance Adapters it is online I believe and they deal with all sort of custon adapters for engine and tranny conversions I believe they can custon create parts also.

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