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Can a cat get on a loft bed?

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yes, a cat is very adeapt in climbing or getting into areas that you wouldn't expect. A loft bed-bunk bed would be ideal for a cat, they like high places....

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How do you put a loft bed together?

Walmart loft bed instructions on how to put bed together

Would a twin bed fit in a loft bed?

Yes, most of the loft beds are made for twin size mattress or Full size. so. please check what is your loft bed size.

Loft Bed?

form_title= Loft Bed form_header= Get lots of storage with a loft bed. What size mattress do you want? Check all that apply.* [] Twin [] Full [] Queen [] King What is the square footage of the bedroom? *= _ [50] Do you want the bed to be made from wood?*= () Yes () No

What kind of bed is teddy's bed on Good Luck Charlie?

its a loft bed

What ages are loft beds for?

The age for a loft bed is 12-16 years of age!!

What are loft mattresses?

These are mattresses used on a loft bed. A loft bed is a single bed that is raised on supports high enough to allow the use of the floor area below for various purposes. If you love to sleep high above the floor but you don't need two beds in a room, a loft bed may be the perfect option for you

How tall is a normal loft bed?

The standard height for a loft bed is about 65 inches from mattress top to floor. You can check links below to find get better answers. Thanks.

How can you build a loft bed for kids?

There are plenty of do-it-yourself guides online on how to build a loft bed for kids. All you need to do is read the instructions carefully and make sure you have the proper equipment.

How do you get a cat to lay on a cat bed?

Put the cat and bed in area and he/she will lay on it.

How much does a loft bed cost?

Loft beds tend to cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000. Go to and check out theirs!

How big should your cat bed be?

Your cat bed shouldn't be big. It should be about double the size of the cat. If you have a fat cat i would recommend a small dog bed.

How do you make a loft bed in the sims 2?

Get a mod. that's much easier.

Is it safe to put a water bed in a loft bed frame?

Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode! >> <<

What are the different types of beds?

* Air Bed * Adjustable Bed * Bunk Bed * Bed Buying Tips * Canopy Bed * Child Bed * Futon Bed * Iron Bed * Loft Bed * Murphy Bed * Platform Bed * Sofa Bed * Sleigh Bed * Trundle Bed * Water Bed * Memory Foam Bed

How can one make a custom loft bed furniture?

The necessary instructions for making a custom loft bed are too lengthy to be listed here in full. However, step by step instructions can be found online at the web domain "Ana-White."

Where is the Furniture Basics Woodland White Loft Bed made?

Made in china out of Hardwood no veneers

What does montag daydream about sleeping in?

He fantasizes about sleeping on a bed of warm, dry hay in a barn loft

Does a cat need a heated cat bed?

An indoor cat usually does not require a heated bed and often will find places in the house that are comfortable such as laying in a spot on the floor in the sun. An older cat can benefit from a heated bed if they have arthritis.

Are loft beds for kids easier and safe?

Loft beds can be harder for children because there are more safety concerns. There needs to be a good guardrail in place to prevent the child from falling out of bed.

How do you train your cat to sleep in a cat bed?

Slowly get them used to the bed. Sprinkle small amounts of catnip, or put a blanket they are used to, over the new bed.

How do you get your cat to sleep with you?

There's not much you can do to force the issue - if your cat doesn't want to sleep in your bed, he/she isn't going to. You can encourage your cat to feel comfortable in your bed by gently placing him/her there and petting him/her in your bed. Over time, your cat may decide to sleep there.

How do i stop my cat from urinating in my bed?

That is awful. Your cat should NOT be sharing your bedroom with you. Get it a bed in the kitchen and provide it with a litter box.

How do you get your new cat to sleep on your bed?

What I would say to do is bring the cat up on to your bed, then just keep peting the cat until they go to sleep, and once they go to sleep then you have your cat sleeping with you on your bed. But this might not work if you turn around alot in your sleep

How do you get rid of cat fleas off your bed?

wash your bed clothes

What are some of the most useful cat gifts?

A cat bed is a very useful gift since a lot of cat owners don't bother to give their cat a bed. Cat toys and cat treats are both very useful and affordable gifts.

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