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Yes, there can be several fathers, and because of this there can also be babies of different gestational ages born in the same litter... (I had this happen to me once) One of the cats I was caring for had had a litter of about 8 kittens. All which by the age of 8 weeks should have been fully capable of caring for themselves however 3 of them seemed to be lagging way behind. I consulted the Vet on Staff at the shelter about it and he told me: That all the kittens were perfectly healthy and that it was quite possible that because it is possible for the female to become impregnated several different times and quite possibly by several different males throughout her estrus cycle. The majority of the kittens she became pregnant with were conceived at the beginning of her cycle while the last 3 were probably conceived towards the end, making the first 5 gestation 8 weeks but the last 3 were closer to 5 or 6 weeks (gestational age).

You will be happy to know that all survived and by the time they hit 12 weeks Calendar age the last 3 had caught up to their brothers and sister. One of the actually grew to be 20 pounds of solid muscle.

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Q: Can a cat have kittens and all the kittens not have the same father?
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Generally speaking, the mother cat will not allow the father cat near the kittens.

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orange is sex linked dominate, a female orange cat will almost always have a few orange kittens, and a male orange cat can have orange daughters --- If the orange one is the mother, all the male kittens will be orange. If the orange is the father, you wont get any ginger kittens but you will get tortoiseshell female kittens.

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'with two kittens' describe the cat. So, you should write 'is sleeping'. But if you mean that all three of them are sleeping, write 'A cat and his two kittens are sleeping'.

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It depends. Kittens usually need to stay warm and healthy until they start to grow into an adult. However, if the mother takes good care of the kittens and has a father to help take care of them, they could grow up outside.

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No, unless they are not his kittens but some other tom's, then he will kill them so the female will mate with him and have his kittens instead.

Can a cat have kittens from more than one father?


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A neutered cat is male so he cannot have kittens. If he's neutered, he cannot father kittens either.

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kittens can live inside or out. It all depends on their bread if the cat is a stray cat than its an outside cat/kitten.

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Inbred means that it was created totally within the family line, not with an outside gene like normal breeding. For example, if a female cat mates with its father, all the kittens will be inbred, because the father is also the mother cat's father. The kittens will also be deformed because of a gene mixup.

Do cats have parental care?

The mother cat cares for her kittens, yes. The father cat does not care.

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After all the kittens have been weaned.

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It takes about three to four months for a cat to have kittens.

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First of all, keep the mom cat comfortable, fed well, and clean. The same goes for after the kittens come. Second, you'll need to prepare for the kittens. Make sure the bed/box or wherever the mom cat is staying is big enough for herself and for her kittens. Keep the bedding clean as well.

How do cats look after kittens?

Do you mean the female cat? If so, the cat should be taking care of her kittens by nursing them, teaching them how to wash themselves, etc. Usually the father cat does not do much in parenting.

Why do kittens of the same litter look different?

Well kittens normally take the image of the momma kitty and dad cat, But It can get mixed around. Like a black cat and a white cat will most likely have either gray white or black kittens. Just like humans its all about the genes.

Can a calico cat have a calico kitten?

It is possible for a calico cat to have a calico kitten. It is likely that it may have different coloured kittens as the kittens father usually another colour.

Why are my cats newborn kittens dying?

your cat may have a disease. or is just unable to carry kittens. either that or the father might have a disease. a disease that makes them unable to have kittens. you should take your cat to the vet to see why.

Can your cat have kittens with your dog?

no they can not only if the cat and another cat can have the kittens

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if your cat doesent deliver all her kittens you need to take it to the vets because they might be to big to be born so the cat might have to have an operation to get them out.

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The largest recorded litter of kittens was Sam Aldrich's cat who gave litter to 14 kittens at once. Really, they all came out at the same time...killing the mother.

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All of this is stupid

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yes same ting as twins

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No. It is not possible for a male cat to have kittens. In order to have kittens a cat must have a uterus and male cats do not have a uterus. If your male cat is having kittens, it is not a male, it is a female.