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My non-expert opinion: The RC baptism would be considered valid, I'm reasonably sure, regardless of what the parents do re: the Lutheran church. But baptism only gets you so far. There will be the matter of confirmation, and eventual church membership. The RC church would almost certainly disallow 'dual-citizenship'. The Lutheran church is like RC in a lot of ways, but is not within the RC communion.

Roman Catholic AnswerA child could only be baptised in the Catholic Church after the parents have attended classes, and then, at the baptism itself, made solemn promises to bring the child up as a Catholic. Anything like a "dedication in the Lutheran church" would be considered apostasy - a very serious sin. I do not think such a situation would occur except in, perhaps, a mixed marriage, where the couple was thinking of having the Lutheran service to pacify the in-laws. This, again, would be a serious breach of their duty towards their child and they should discuss this with their priest.
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Q: Can a child be baptised into the Catholic church but dedicated into the Lutheran church too?
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Where is the Lutheran Catholic Church located?

There is a Lutheran Church and a Catholic Church but no Lutheran Catholic Church.

Is it possible to get married in a catholic church if your were baptised lutheran and did not get first communion?

Yes, it is possible and it is not proper to use the word "Get". It is "Receive" Communion.

Does the Lutheran Church allow a Lutheran to be a godparent in a Catholic baptism?

The problem with this is with the Roman Catholic Church, not the Lutheran Church. You must be a baptized member of the Roman Catholic faith to be a godparent in a Roman Catholic baptism, and vice-versa in a Lutheran baptism.

Can a baby born to a couple who were not married in the Catholic church be baptised in the Catholic church?

yes, everyone is welcome into the catholic church, but the couple must get baptised themselves.

When was Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church created?

Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church was created in 1997.

Why do people get baptised in the Catholic Church?

To initiate yourself into the Catholic Church.

Was John F Kenndedy Baptised at a church?

Yes J.f.Kennedy was baptised in a catholic church.

Can you Christen your baby a Christian in a Catholic church?

Catholics are Christians. So any baby baptised in a Catholic Church is being baptised as a Christian. If you want your baby to be a Protestant, another type of Christian, then you would not have them baptised in a Catholic church.

Why did the Lutheran church break away from the Catholic Church?

.Catholic AnswerThe Lutheran Ecclesial Community did not "break away" from the Catholic Church. It was founded by Martin Luther, a heretic who left the Catholic Church in the sixteenth century and was excommunicated.

When a child is Baptised in a Catholic church does it make them a Catholic?


Does the Catholic church acknowledge Lutheran church confirmation?

No it does not.

Can a Catholic be a sponsor in a Lutheran baptism?

Lutherans require a sponsor to be a member of the Lutheran Church just as the Catholic Church requires a sponsor to be a baptized member of the Catholic Church . A Lutheran can be a Christian Witness only at a Catholic baptism. You would have to check with the Lutheran minister if a Catholic wants to be a witness only at a Lutheran Baptism.

What year did the Lutheran church actually break off from the Catholic church?

Actually, the Lutheran Church did not technically "break off" from the Catholic Church. The Lutheran Church was made up out of whole cloth by the princes of northern Germany in 1517, I believe.

Can you be baptised Lutheran as a baby then baptised as a baptist as child then get confirmed as a Lutheran as a teenager?

Yes to all three questions. Being baptized in a Baptist church only signifies that you are following Jesus in believers baptism. The Lutheran church is the one to make the final decision about membership in their congregation.

If one parent is divorced and has a child can the child be baptized in the catholic church?

Yes, anyone who isn't baptised yet (This also counts for being baptised into a protestant denomination) can be baptised into the Catholic Church.

Can a child be baptised in a catholic church if the father is Muslim?

Yes, anyone can convert to the Catholic Church.

Was Kepler excommunicated from the Catholic church?

No, he was excommunicated from the Lutheran Church.

Can a Roman Catholic receive Holy Communion in a Lutheran church?

No, the Church forbids Catholics from receiving communion in a Lutheran Church.

Was Adolph Hitler baptised?

Yes. Adolf Hitler was baptised in the Roman Catholic church.

Can a Catholic join a Lutheran church?

Yes, but he would no longer be a Catholic.

Was Hitler the head of the Lutheran church?

Hitler was not a Lutheran. He was a Catholic, although in name only. He had many Lutheran and Roman Catholic priests and laity killed.

What churches became catholic during the reformation?

the catholic church and started a new church called the lutheran church

Can a divorced Lutheran marry a Catholic in a Catholic church without an annulment?

No, not if the marriage is to be a valid catholic marriage, unless the Lutheran marriage can be annuled.

Did the Reformation change the Lutheran Church?

Roman Catholic answer: The "reformation" (most Catholic scholars would probably see it as "revolt") did not change the Lutheran church, it was the beginning of the Lutheran church. It was Martin Luther who started the revolt and gave his name to the brand new "church".

Can a Lutheran bishop perform a confirmation in the Catholic church?