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At age 18, you're considered an adult, and can leave home in any state in the US.

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What age can a child leave home in Tennessee without the consent of parents?

That would be the age of majority. In Tennessee and most of the US that would be 18. Then they are adults and the parents are no longer responsible for the child.

What is the Legal age to leave a child at home?

the legal age to leave a child home is 15yr old

What age can a child be forced to leave home?

The child can has to be 18 before they are forced to leave home

What age can you leave a child home alone in new york?

what age is legal to leave your child home alone in new york

What is the age you can leave your child home alone in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, the age where you can legally leave your child home alone is 12 years old.

At what age in Ontario Canada can a child choose to leave home?

In Canada, the age that a child/youth can leave home varies from province to province. In Ontario a youth can leave home, without parental permission, at the age of 16.

What age can a child stay home by themselves in TN?

Tennessee has no age requirement for kids to stay at home.

What is the age a child can leave home in Florida without parent consent?

A child can leave at home in Florida at age 18, when he or she legally becomes an adult.

Legal age a child can stay home alone in Tennessee?

TN has no law regulating the age a child must be to stay home alone

What age can you leave your child at home alone?

12 that is the age you should let your child stay home alone

What is the right age to leave a child home alone?

It is illegal to leave a child home alone that is under the age of about 12 years of age. I would say around 12+ would be an appropriate age.

What age is a child allow to leave home in NM?

I think 18 years old A child is allowed to leave home when the child is 18 and older

Age of moving out in Tennessee?

The age of majority--the age at which you can leave home without needing parental permission--is 18.

What is legal age to leave child alone at home in UK?

There is no legal age limit for leaving a child on their own, but it is an offence to leave a child alone if it places them at risk

Can an adopted child leave his or her home at the age of 17?

No more than a natural child of 17 can leave his or her home. Until the age of 18, juveniles are under the custody of their parents or guardians.

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