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No, the state's age of legal majority is 18. no you can move out at 17 though

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Q: Can a child move out in Georgia at the age of 14?
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What is the legal age a child can babysit siblings in Georgia?


What age can your child stay home alone in IN?

the leagle age that your child can stay home alone i Georgia is 14 years of age

At what age can a child live alone legally by themselves in Georgia?

A child can legally live alone by themselves at age 18 in Georgia. At age 14, a child can choose which parent they would rather live with.

What age can a child choose which parent they want to live with in Atlanta Georgia?


What is the Legal age for a child to decide which parent to live with in the state of Georgia?

At the age of 14 years old

How do you move out at 14 and be emancipated in Georgia?

{| |- | You cannot. Georgia does not have an emancipation statute. You will have to wait until you reach the age of 18. |}

Can a 14-year-old child in Georgia move in with his dad?

At age 14, according to the laws in Georgia, a child may choose which parent to live with. There are other factors involved, health, education, etc. The issue has to be dicussed with a lawyer and a petition made to the court. If the judge agrees, then the custody agreement is amended and custody changes.

Can you get a job at the age of 14 in Atlanta Georgia?

How do I get a Job at the age of 14

What is the legal age for a child to be able to decide where they want to live in the state of CT.?

idk but im from Georgia and its 14.because i picked to live with my dad when i was 14

In Georgia can you move out at 14?

{| |- | Certainly not. A 14 year old is not ready to take care of themselves and certainly cant make a living. Parents are responsible for their children until they reach the age of majority. This is 18 in Georgia, most states and countries around the world. The responsibility includes determining where the child should live. |}

What age can a teenager start work in Georgia?


What age can a minor work and receive pay in the state of Georgia?

At the age of 14

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