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Not technically. Child support is for a custodial parent to support the child. Check your state laws.

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Can a 17 year old sue for back child support?

The child cannot sue for child support; however, the custodial parent can.

Can a child sue for child support after the age of 18 if the father has never paid a penny?

Yes a child can sue a parent for unpaid child support if there was a child support order.

Can you sue your biological father for back child support if your mother received welfare?

If you're in the US, no, a child cannot sue his parent for child support (payment for child support is not due to the child).

Can a child sue for child support?

Depending on the age and state statues in your area. However in most cases a child CANNOT sue for child support. The child support claim has to be filed by the custodial parent.

How do you put a teenager on child support?

If you are separated from the other biological parent, and he is a minor, then you simply sue the other parent for monthly child support.

Mississippi statute of limitations on age for suing for child support?

Before the child turns 18 for the parent to sue, or before the child turns 22, for the child to sue, for support.

Can department of social services sue a step parent for child support in new york?

If they can establish the stepparent as a primary support in a parent/child relationship.

Can an adult child sue their noncustodial parent for back child support?

Yes, as an adult you can sue a noncustodial parent for back child support. However it is a different story if the noncustodial parent has never been ordered to pay child support. You can still sue them for a percentage of their assets. I am currently working on a case in which my client is sueing his father for 15 years of back child support. Any divorce lawyer can handle this case for you.

How long can you sue for child support after the child turns eighteen?

In a State where the age of majority is 18, the custodial parent may sue for child support after that age only if the child is severely disabled.

Can a parent sue for child support after the child turns 18?

Generally, no, unless the child is severely disabled.

Can a non biological parent sue a biological parent for child support?

If "non biological parent" means, unrelated but legal guardian of the child - yes.

Can a father of a child sue for child support if he does not have custody of that child?

Of course not. Child support payments are paid over to the parent with legal physical custody.

Can an illegitimate adult child sue their parent for unpaid child support?

In some cases it is possible for an adult to sue a non compliant parent for child support arrearages. However, there must be established paternity and a child support order in place before the child reaches the age specified in the laws of the state where the child was born.

Can an adult child sue their noncustodial parent for back child support in Canada?

Only if the obligee parent releases the claim or is deceased.

Can the ex wife sue the current wife for child support?

No. The ex-wife can only sue the FATHER of the child for child support. The new wife is not a parent to the child and is therefore, not legally responsible for someone else's child.

Can a 33 yr old sue the biological parent for child support arreages in Washington state if the parent just received a large inheritance?

No. If there were arrears in this case it was owed to the custodial parent. The child does not get child support or arrears.

Can you sue your father for child support?

No. Your custodial parent must file a complaint for a child support order in the family court in your jurisdiction.

Can an adult sue a father for not paying child support?

No, the child can not. The other parent could before the child was an adult. The money goes to the parent to use for the child and not directly to the child.

Can people with guardianship of a child sue the custodial parent for child support if the noncustodial parent doesn't pay child support?

The biological parents have to pay child support to the one who have the child whether it's a grandparent, sister or the state. If the custodial parent do not actually have the child living with them the custody order has to be changed as well as the child support order.

Take a parent to court for child support at 19 years old if living environment isn't stable?

Children are never entitled to child support and cannot sue their parents for child support money. Child support is a debt paid from one parent to the other.

Can I get child support at the age of 18?

Depends on your state. And then, usually the custodial parent is eligible to sue, not the actual child.

Can a child sue their parent for Alienation of affection when one parent leaves and does nothing to help the child or want anthing to do with the child this is in Michigan?

Probably not. But if that parent was ordered to pay child support and is not doing so, then they can be sued for that.

Can an 18 year old sue her parents for back child support?

Parents? Who were you living with for 18 years?Um, no! Child support isn't supposed to go to the child but to the parent in charge of the child. If the parent that was supposed to get the child support didn't get it then they could take the matter to the court, but not the child.

Is it possible for a 21 year old to sue a parent for back child support even if it wasn't court ordered?

No, child support is a debt owed to the custodial parent, and not to the child. Depending on the state, a court might order the non-custodial parent to pay back child support to the custodial parent. However, it will never be paid to the child, regardless of age.

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