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Most likely a big YES on that one. If it's something like hit and run, big BIG yes. Get a lawyer! This is really happening!

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Q: Can a claim be filed against you a year after an accident where the police came but did not file a report and no insurance info was exchanged?
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How do you file a insurance claim against the party that was at fault in an accident that occurred in a parking lot Without involving my insurance company.?

Just file a claim with the other parties insurance company. You called the police and got an accident report, right?

Can someone file a claim on your car insurance if the accident wasn't reported to the police?

Sure. People can claim anything. The question is will your insurance pay the claim. Without a police report of the accident, you may be in for a lawsuit. Never ever, have an accident and fail to call the police.

What would you do if you were told not to give your insurance info after a car accident that was not your fault?

Always cooperate with an investigation by the police. Your question points out another reason to call the police when you are in an accident. Let the officer assign responsibility. Show the officer your license, registration and insurance card. After he is through with the investigation it will be obvious who is responsible and whose insurance gets to pay for the damage. Taken from and the back of my insurance card. You must give all of your information to the other person and they have to give all of their information to you and it -must- be correct. Its the law. If the other party is at fault, even though they have your insurance info, they can't call your insurance and try to lay a claim. That would be insurance fraud and it is illegal. Note that only an official police report can lay fault at the accident. When there is no police involved, as would be the case in a parking lot accident, it is up to the insurance companies. Regardless, information must be exchanged and if it is determined that the other party is at fault by a police report, they cannot lay a claim against your insurance company, even if they have your info. If you are worried about identity theft. There is not much you can do. As I said above. You have to give the proper insurance information to the other person and they have to give it to you. There is no way around this.

What do you do after an accident?

Don't run is the first thing; make sure everyone is okay and out of harms way; out of the traffic - call for the police. Exchange driver's license information, insurance information. If anyone is hurt, call 911. DO NOT LEAVE THE SCENE until the police have told you it is okay or if it is a minor accident and you have not called the police and you have all exchanged info and you can drive away safely, then do so and immediately go and call your insurance co. But a police report should be filed on ALL ACCIDENTS NO MATTER WHAT.

What happens if you are in a car accident and you have insurance but the person who causes accident does not have insurance?

My plan was denied and it was not my fault it was the other drivers fault because police and show up to make a police report it is really his mind

How do insurance companies know you had an accident?

1) Your insurance company receives your driving record from your DMV. If you are in an accident and it is reported to the police, they will add that accident to your driving record. 2) When you are in an auto accident, the insurance companies of everyone involved are notified when people submit claims.

You were involved in a minor fender bender no police report was filed but insurance company will be notified Will the accident show on your driving record even though the police was not involved?

It shouldn't ... normally insurance companies do not report the accident to the police authorities unless a death is involved. However, since you reported the accident to your insurance and if you are at fault, it may cause your rates to increase.

Do you need to report an accident to the police if you have hit a telegraph pole?

Yes, you will need to report your accident to the police. You should report all accidents to the police, so that you can file a claim with your insurance.

What are the penalties for giving a police officer a false auto insurance card if involved in a accident?

insurance fraud.

What to do when you got car accident?

Call the police and get a police report. Call your insurance company and report it to them asap.

How do you appeal a police accident report that said you were at fault even though you were DEFINITELY not?

Your insurance company is going to review the police report, your statements, and the statements of witnesses and the other party. After they review that they will make a determination of fault and decide to accept liability or not on your behalf. If you think that you were not at fault in the accident make sure that you file a claim against the other persons insurance.

How can you find someone's auto insurance policy?

You can't unless they tell you who they are insured with. Who a person is insured with or even if they have insurance is a private matter between the insured and the insurance company. Now, if there is an accident and the police come to the scene they will collect that information and put it in the accident report. This is why it is crucial to always call the police to the scene of the accident no matter how much the other person begs to give them a break. Always, always!!! call the police to the scene of an accident. The exception is if the accident is on private property.

Who do you notify when involved in an accident?

Medics , police, insurance company, family are to be called.

What if you are hit in a car accident and the person who hit you has no insurance?

Simply, call the police!

If you are involved in an injury accident?

Contact the police, call for help, and call insurance.

What recourse do I have if the at fault driver will not contact his insurance company about the accident?

If this happened to me, I would find out what my insurance company can do and from there contact the police or file a civil or small claims suit. None, if the accident wasn't reported to the police.

What auto insurance has code 989 in CT?

If an insurance code of 989 is shown on a police report car accident who does that person have car insurance with?

Can an insurance agency find out about a claim or accident even if there was no police involved or report on it when asked about your past accident history?

Yes, CLUE reports monitor anything paid by any insurance company regardless of a police report. Therefore, only if you reported the accident to the insurance company or they reported it. If you did not, and they did not, and there was no police report(for example you did some kind of direct negotiation or something) only then is there no way they are going to find out.

If you are involved in a minor collision and the police respond do they report the accident to the appropriate insurance companies?

No, the police never notify insurance companies of accidents or tickets. It is the responsibility of the insured party to notify their insurance company.

What are your options if your private property was damaged by someone else during an auto accident?

file and pursue a claim or dont. If you do file , file a police report, get a copy of the report and have your property insurance company pursue the claim against the insurance company covering the party or parties involved in the auto accident

Do the police give the other driver in an accident insurance information of another driver?


If a person hits your car and will not give you insurance info is that against the law in Ohio?

I am not sure if it is against the law or not, but all you should need is a police report for your insurance. As long as you have a police report for the acident you are good, If he does not have insurance that is a huge crime and they will get him.

If someone gets in an accident exchanges insurance information doesnt call the police for a report and leaves the scene of the accident can a misdemenor or felony be charged to that person?

No, the accident occurred between the two parties, a police report is not necessary. Your insurance company can take the information regarding the accident. A police officer may write a citation based on the story that is told, but he cannot testify that he witnessed the accident so his involvement is generally useless.

In the state of CT how long after a car accident do you have to report it to the police?

In all states an accident in which damage occurred (and even those in which there is no noticeable damage) are supposed to be reported to the police immediately and at the scene of the accident. If there is no police report it becomes next to impossible to collect compensation from the insurance company.

What if you had no insurance at the time of your accident?

If you have no Insurance there State law reqired but if you got into an accident. and no Insurance if State Trooper or City Police finding you have no Insurance it can be Serious Suspend your license. And you Polly face Court for no Insurance. Can cause High Insurance. my suggest is get an Insurance there is alots good insurance that you can find out such like Geico, etc. Good Luck.