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No. Collection agencies (or any other agency/organization that lends money) cannot place liens on property that is not owned by the debtor. If they could, then what would stop them from placing liens on just anyone's property?

In order for them to place a lien on a property, the person must be on title. Of course, there might always be some lawyer out there who might beg to differ and try to take it to court...but then again...if they're willing to take the debtor to court, they can just have a judgment placed against them by the courts.

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Q: Can a collection agency place a lien on a home if the mortgage and the deed aren't titled to the person owing the debt?
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It depends on how the real property is legally titled and recorded in your jurisdiction. If the foreclosure notice is in one name only, it is probably in the name of the debtor whose name appears on the loan/mortgage. IF two people actually do own the property, then the notice MAY be legally insufficient for the lender to actually foreclose on the property in question.Another PerspectiveIt depends on who owned the land at the time of the mortgage and who signed the mortgage.If two people owned the land at the time of the mortgage and only one signed the mortgage then the lender only has a one-half interest. It cannot foreclose on the interest of the owner who didn't sign.If one person owned the land and signed a mortgage and then transferred a half interest to another person, that other person received their interest subject to the mortgageand the bank can foreclose and take possession of the property if the mortgage isn't paid. In addition, once an owner of property has granted a mortgage the "due on transfer clause" in the mortgage prohibits any transfer of title without notifying the bank. If the bank finds there has been a transfer of any interest by deed, it can demand payment in full of the mortgage balance immediately.

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