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No. They should stop calling.

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What is the law that states a collection agency cannot call your place of employment?

There is no law that states that a collection agency can not call your place of employment. BUT, once you have informed the collection agency, verbally, to stop calling their place of employment, the MUST stop. I would suggest that you send a "cerified" letter to the agency with your request. If they continue to do so, this is considered harrassment. To verify this answer, please check out the FDCPA "Fair Debt Collection Practices Act" You can find it on line at:Just copy and paste the below link.

Can a debt collection agency call your work?

No. Once the party involved has informed the collector that they do not want them calling their place of employment the calls must end. Some collectors however simply will not listen and continue to break FDCPA laws. If this is the case the collection agency should be reported to the office of the state's Attorney General. This can be done by phone, but it is best to follow up in a letter. Keep a log of any calls received after the request has been made.

How do you stop collection calls for family members or x husbands or their family members?

When a collection agency calls you can inform then that "x" resident no longer lives their and you wish for the calling to cease. Otherwise, If the calling does not cease you can contact the FTC (Federal Trades Commission) and file a harassment complaint. If all else fails and the calls continue despite your many attempts to have the calling ceased it would be in your best interest to have your phone number changed.

How do you get a collection lawyer to stop calling you?

In order to stop a collection lawyer from calling you it is possible to ask a consumer protection attorney for help or pay the debt. Also, make sure the collection lawyer actually calls for a company you own money to.

How can you find out if the collection lawyer represent the original creditor or not?

by calling on his/her phone.

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How can one contact the CBCS collection agency?

There are many ways one can contact the CBCS collection agency. One can contact the CBCS collection agency by calling them at the phone number 1-800-395-8289.

Can a collection agency call and harass you without identifying themselves or allowing their phone number to show up?

No, not under FDCPA laws. An option for the consumer would be to tape the phone calls as evidence of harassment. In some states it is legal to tape phone calls without the consent of the calling party. In others the calling party must be informed the call is being taped, before any other information is exchanged.

What can you do to stop harassment from a collection agency?

The best way to stop a collection agency from contacting you is to write them to stop collecting you. It really is that simple after you write to them they are required by law to stop calling.

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Why would a collection agency suddenly stop calling?

It is important to pay bills on time, every month. A collection agency calls to help a person with their finances and with paying their past-due bill, they stop calling when it is obvious they are not getting what they need, and they need to send it to a persons credit.?æ

Can collection agencies tell when you delete the messages left on voice mail?

No, but they will obviously know whether or not you are calling them back!

Where is the Alliance One Collection Agency based?

The Alliance One Collection Agency main office is based in Gig Harbor, Washington. They are one of America's leading collection agency. You can reach them by simply visiting their website or calling their 1-800 number.

Can you sue collections company if they keep calling when al bills have been paid?

yes, but you must make it clear to them that you don't want them calling you, if they continue to do so, you can sue for harrassment.

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What can you do to stop someone from calling your house asking for someone else and they will not stop calling?

Tell them to stop calling you. If they continue, be sure to report them to the attorney general's office in your state. Continuing to call you after you requested a stop is considered harassment, AND YOU DONT HAVE TO TAKE IT! :)

A collection agency has been calling me over a home phone bill that is from 1995 under 200.00 what can they do?

get a lawyer? or pay the bill.

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Creditors calling after i filed bankruptcy?

Tell them you filed. Give them the case number. Give them the number of your attorney. If they continue to call, tell them every time they called that you filed and WRITE DOWN THE DATE AND TIME. Make sure you verify which creditor is calling. Every call after they are informed that you have (not will) file bankruptcy is a violation of the Automatic Stay and they can be fined heavily. Speak with an attorney about your specific situation. If you can not find an attorney, contact your local Bar association and they will refer you to one.

Is it okay to tell collection agencies person they are calling for is in prison?

You do not have to give a collection agency any information at all. You are perfectly in you right to refuse to give them information. However, deliberately giving them false information is fraud.

Why are debt collection agencies calling you?

Usually debt collection agencies only call if you have not paid a bill to one of their clients. Sometimes they come from credit card companies, health care companies, or student loans.

Can a collection agency keep calling if you tell them that the matter is being reviewed by your insurance company regarding a health care bill?

They can continue to call, but no court in which they would file suit would ignore the fact that you appealed the non-payment of medical coverage with the insurer. For the latter reason, I strongly doubt the collection agency will do anything other than continue to pressure you with phone calls -- meaning they don't have smart enough procedures to take into account the time for you to process an appeal with your insurer (or they believe you have enough liquid assets to pay the debt immediately).

How can you make a collection agency stop calling you?

Remit a "cease and desist" letter to the agency via registered mail with receipt requested.

What should you do if you received a bill from a collection agency but you and your doctor had negotiated a different price but you don't have it in writing?

Write your doctor and try to get the terms in a letter (that would remediate the proof issue that you raised). If the doctor is honest and this is truly your agreement with him/her, that should get the collection agency to stop calling, unless they are calling you for a portion of the unpaid, agreed-upon balance.