Can a condo association list your name as delinquent in a newsletter to your neighbors?

Depending on where you live, this could be common.

In Japan, for example, people who do not pay assessments on time can find their names written on a board in front of the elevator on their floor. Cultural peer-pressure is apparently at work in these situations.

In the United States, associations that follow best practices do not list delinquent owner's names in documents for publication, but are required to list at least unit numbers -- a uniquely identifying notation -- in board documents, such as monthly financial statements.

You can request that the board resist publishing names of delinquent owners in their newsletters and instead, use unit numbers. You can also request that the board not publish any delinquent details to the neighbors, but the board makes the final decision.

Ideally, of course, owners pay their assessments and do not become delinquent, thereby eliminating any need to publish any data about the owner.