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Q: Can a convicted Felon own a gun at home?
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Can a convicted felon own a gun in Illinois?

No, a convicted felon can not own a gun in the state of Illinois. There is not state that allows convicted felons to own guns.

Can a convicted felon own a gun in Montana?

A convicted felon cannot own a gun anywhere in the U.S. unless the felon's gun rights have been restored.

Can a convicted felon have a gun in Illinois in his home?

No. A convicted felon is neither allowed to own or "POSSESS" firearms. A firearm in a convicted felon's home places them in what is known as "constructive possession" of the firearm and is illegal.

Can a convicted felon own a gun after seven years?

As a convicted felon you can never own a FIREARM.

In Texas can a spouse of a convicted felon own gun if they keep it in gun safe in home?

The general answer is yes, the spouse of a felon can owna gun as long as the felon has no access to it.

In Virgina can a spouse of a convicted felon own gun?

A spouse of a convicted felon can certainly own a gun in any state. I would highly recommend that the gun is not kept anywhere where the convicted felon can have access to it (do not keep it in the same home, it would be best to store it at a gun club or similar). If the gun is kept where the felon can have access, it will be easy to claim that you had posession of the gun and posession of any gun by a convicted felon is illegal under federal law.

How can a convicted felon own a gun?


Can a convicted felon own a gun in Canada?


Can a convicted felon in Missouri own a gun?


Can an ex-felon have an airsoft gun in Florida?

Yes, a convicted felon can own and airsoft gun and/or a BB gun. It is a real gun that convicted felons cannot own, in which this would be illegal.

Can a convicted felon own a gun in pa?

no. deffinitley not

Can a federal convicted felon own a gun in Michigan?


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