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Can a convicted felon get a Florida state dental hygiene license?

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No, there's no way the state that you or anybody's living in would let you acquire a State License for the trade or career courses you're interested in. I already tried for real estate and mortgage broker. Also, i spoke to an attorney and he said i couldn't get a license for Massage Therapy or Cosmetology. Sorry for being a negative Nancy but it's true. We're screwed!

07/24/09- Acutally it is governed by individual state laws. In some states, yes absolutely. Florida has very strict laws regarding convicted felons. Iowa, TN, and some other however do not. For more information go to There is a diagram there that shows each state and the guidlines required.

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In Florida you can get your civil rights restored. When you get your civil rights restored you can work in public office, receive state licenses, regain your right to vote e.t.c..... The website for this application is

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Can a convicted felon get a New York state dental hygiene license?

yeah. i was in jail, wrongly convicted of homicide. i just finished the process, and i got my dental hygiene license. it's ironic, because i was "convicted" of killing a woman by ripping out her teeth. so, anyone can get one.

What areas in Florida have dental hygiene schools?

There are many dental hygiene schools available in Florida. Cities that have a dental hygiene school are Davie, Jacksonville, Panama City, and more. Ft. Myers also has a dental hygiene program available.

Do you need a special license to clean teeth?

Yes, you need a Dental Hygienists license or a Dental License to "clean" teeth. Most states require at least an Associate in Science Degree in Dental Hygiene.

Can a a felon with an expunged record get a Dental Hygiene license in California or Nevada?

A felon with an expunged record can get a dental hygienist license in California. When someone is expunged it is erased so it will not longer be on your record.

What is the best dental hygiene school in Canada?

NOT the Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene!! or its sister school Toronto College of Dental Hygiene

What is the duration of Dental Hygiene?

The duration of Dental Hygiene is 1440.0 seconds.

Can a convicted felon be a dental assistant?

n a convicted felon be a dental assistant?

Is becoming a dental hygiene hard?

Dental Hygiene is a shorter course for most but very hard.

When was Utah College of Dental Hygiene created?

Utah College of Dental Hygiene was created in 2005.

How long is the training for a dental hygienist?

It directly depends on what degree you want to receive:Certificate in Dental Hygiene (2-3 years)Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene (2 years)Bachelor's Degree in Dental Hygiene (4 years)Master's Degree in Dental Hygiene (4+2 years)

Can a convicted felon get an Ohio state dental hygiene license?

They should be able to because they need a career to, so they can suceed in life instead of doing negative thing.All crimals are not bad they just choose to do the wrong thing instead of thinking about the consiqunces.

Can you obtain a dental hygiene job if you have genital herpes?

You can obtain a dental hygiene job if you have genital herpes.

What has the author Shailer Alvarey Peterson written?

Shailer Alvarey Peterson has written: 'Clinical dental hygiene [edited by] Shailer Peterson' -- subject(s): Care and hygiene, Dental hygienists, Teeth 'Comprehensive review for dental hygienists' -- subject(s): Dental hygiene, Dental hygienists, Examination questions, Examinations, questions 'Manual on the preparation of examinations in the field of dentistry' -- subject(s): American Dental Association, Dentistry, Design and construction, Examinations, Study and teaching 'Clinical dental hygiene' -- subject(s): Care and hygiene, Dental hygiene, Dental hygienists, Teeth

Where are dental hygiene schools near me?

The Dental Hygiene Program at the University of New England is one of the strongest programs available nationwide. Accredited by the American Dental Association, students are provided with an education that prepares them for distinctive dental hygiene careers.

How many hours do you need for dental hygienist training ? has a lot of information on dental hygienist training. You will need a degree from an accredited dental hygiene school and a State license are required for this job. A high school diploma and college entrance test scores are usually required for admission to a dental hygiene program.

How does microbiology apply to dental hygiene?

Microbiology applies to dental hygiene because microscopic organisms can live in your mouth. Dental health is important to your overall health.

What has the author Michele Leonardi Darby written?

Michele Leonardi Darby has written: 'Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Dental Hygiene' 'Mosby's comprehensive review of dental hygiene' -- subject(s): Examination Questions, Examinations, questions, Dental hygiene, Outlines, Dental Prophylaxis

Does ECU have dental hygiene program?


To become a dental hygienist do you go to a dental school or take a dentist program in a college?

To become a dental hygienist you attend a dental hygiene program offered at a college. Some schools have a pre-dental hygiene program where you would complete both pre-requisites and the actual program at the same school. Some dental schools also have dental hygiene programs as well.

Is the training for dental hygiene hard?

Training for dental hygiene is a great idea. The training courses are designed to be easy to follow and understand.

What has the author Barbara Benson written?

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What has the author Alfred C Fones written?

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Dental schools in Florida?

dental schools in florida where are they located

What training and certification do you need to become a dental hygentist?

To become a dental hygienist you must graduate from a recognised dental hygiene school after passing a written and clinical examination. There are several dental hygiene programme grants available.

How much do dental hygienest get paid an hour in Florida?

the salary for a dental hygienist in Florida is (on average) $45K per year. I'm attending dental hygiene school and the main thing I've learned is that it depends on the dentist. also, the more credentials you get & the more you take initiave at your job, the more likely you are to get a raise.

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