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Can a convicted felon get a Florida state dental hygiene license?



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No, there's no way the state that you or anybody's living in would let you acquire a State License for the trade or career courses you're interested in. I already tried for real estate and mortgage broker. Also, i spoke to an attorney and he said i couldn't get a license for massage therapy or cosmetology. Sorry for being a negative Nancy but it's true. We're screwed!

07/24/09- Acutally it is governed by individual state laws. In some states, yes absolutely. Florida has very strict laws regarding convicted felons. Iowa, TN, and some other however do not. For more information go to There is a diagram there that shows each state and the guidlines required.

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In Florida you can get your civil rights restored. When you get your civil rights restored you can work in public office, receive state licenses, regain your right to vote e.t.c..... The website for this application is