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Can a corporation be immoral why and why not?

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Corporations are state granted entities that only serve to protect the ones who profit from it. The question of a corporations morality is generated by the person-hood granted them by the Supreme Court where Chief Justice Morrison Remick Waite declared that "The court does not wish to hear argument on the question whether the provision in the 14th Amendment...applies to these corporations. We are all of the opinion that it does." The Supreme Court ruled correctly as corporations are subject to the jurisdiction of the United Sates and as such do deserve equal protection under the law.

It is no more immoral for a corporation to sue the government for a redress of grievances than it is for the people to do so. It is not immoral for a corporation to challenge the validity of a tax anymore than it is for an individual to do so. A corporation can and should enjoy the same freedom of speech or press, that the people do. However, when corporations control the press and mediums that would control free speech there is a great conflict of interest. If corporations control the output of "free speech" and "free press", it is not the corporation that is acting immoral but the very real people behind the curtain. Corporations are created to protect the man behind the curtain, but that protection sought is a privilege granted them by the people.

It is the people who hold the inherent political power and when they tire of the oppressive and immoral acts of very real people who have used the corporation to "legally plunder" at the expense of the people, then the people will learn how to take the privilege they granted away. Chief Justice Waite recognized the person hood of a corporation in the strict meaning of the 14th Amendment, outside of that jurisdiction the people rule supreme. No legislature, no Judge and no President can protect the privilege of corporation from the righteous indignation of the people. If a corporation is behaving in immoral ways it would be immoral of the people to shrug their shoulders and pass the blame onto their elected officials. When the people can effectively form coalitions powerful enough to demand the destruction of immoral corporations who exist by privilege granted through the people, then justice will be served and a sense of morality returned.

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